Both Democrats And Republicans Need To Be Imprisoned


Fraud is a crime.  When material amounts of money are involved it’s a felony.  Both major political parties, all 536 of their members who infest Washington DC, are guilty of this offense and must be imprisoned.

Here’s why.

You have all heard by now I’m sure that there are two “must do’s” before 12/31 when it comes to tax policy and such — the first is AMT and the second is the so-called “Doc Fix” for Medicare and Medicaid.

Why are both of those annual things?  Why have neither party fixed this permanently?  Why were the Bush “tax cuts” set to expire?  Why are the other “tax cuts” such as the Payroll tax cut automatically set to expire?

The answer is fraud.  Outrageous, criminal, seditious fraud.  Fraud upon the public.  Fraud upon ratings agencies.  Fraud upon bond-buyers.  Fraud upon the CBO.

Why do I level this charge?  Because it is irrefutably true.

The CBO along with all other official deficit, debt and budget estimates are based on current law.  They have to be, under the law.  Law that Congress passes.

This means that by having “current law” expire the AMT inflation index every year the CBO’s budget deficit estimates, along with everyone else’s including Lying Ryan’s, are intentionally understated, as under “current law” those taxes are all computed as if the indexing and thus breaks expire at the end of the current year, and thus all forward years grossly and intentionally overstate revenue and grossly and intentionally understate expenditures.

This, incidentally, is a big part of why the CBO in 2000 projected that by 2010 there would be no national debt.  At all.  On the last day of 2000 total national debt (including Social Security and Medicare) stood at $5.66 trillion.

Today it is $16.338 trillion, or approximately three times as much.

That projection forward was an intentional lie, that is a fraud, promoted upon the public and bond buyers by the United States Congress and Executive and effectively forced upon the CBO through this fraudulent and outrageous practice.

This is the reason that all of these “tax and spending bills” are not permanent changes in the law.  This is one of the many devices that the fraudsters that infest our government, including the President of the United States, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and the entire rest of the United States Congress foist off on the American public.

It is all a intentional scam that pervades our entire government, from top to bottom.

These people do this for the explicit and intentional purpose of causing the CBO and other budget analysts tointentionally misrepresent the amount of debt and borrowing that the government will do in future years.

They have been at this crap for 30 years and it is still continuing today.

And it will continue until you, the citizen, demand that it stop.

If I had pulled that crap when I ran my company I would still be in pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

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