Stupidity By The Masses On Entitlements


The following is making the rounds on Facebook:

 by genesis

My reply, which incidentally is all easily-verified, was thus:

No you didn’t. 

You were conned. 

You paid a tax, nothing more. 

This has been ruled on by the US Supreme Court.

That is the same Supreme Court that liberals believe has the right to ban guns (any or all), starting with the NFA and onward through Miller and more. 

It is the same US Supreme Court that the liberals say was correct in endorsing Obamacare. 

The problem is that the US Supreme Court ITSELF is a con; in Marbury .v. Madison they ARROGATED the right to change the Constitution to themselves, but no such power was ever delegated to them IN the Constitution or by Amendment thereof. 

All of those acts by the US Supreme Court are thus unlawful, and those that impugn fundamental liberty interests are openly seditious. 

But…. you believe in that court, so go take the issue up with them, SINCE THEY HAVE RULED YOUR SO-CALLED “PAYMENTS” NOTHING MORE THAN A TAX.

You can’t have this one both ways folks…..

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