Z1 Update: The Bankster Subsidy Continues

Debt Bomb

The Z1 update came out yesterday, and all everyone commented on was the “net worth” change for Americans.


C’mon folks.  There’s news in here, but it’s not what people want to talk about.  That news is found in the debt figures, which set new highs.  And where did it come from?

The trend continues; the “growth” (and this isn’t good folks!) is in the Federal Government.  But hidden in that graph is a little tidbit — we’ll see if you catch it before I show you the chart later on.

So what’s going on with GDP and Debt?  It’s flat:

In other words there is no actual growth in the economy.

The Federal Government continues to go nuts.  Put that graph in your “Fiscal Cliff” pipe and smoke it; you won’t have to light it as it will spontaneously combust.  I see no solution to this in either side of the aisle’s positions and views — this is big trouble folks.

The bad news here continues — personal income adjusted for monetary games continues to be negative.  Until this stops we cannot have anything approaching a healthy economy, and unfortunately the extension of the game played since 2000 will continue to make the situation worse.  Our economy can be summed up from the viewpoint of your personal situation in that single chart.

And here it is folks.  No, it’s not just federal government debt — all of which is going into (primarily) financial firms to subsidize their credit decrease (which would otherwise blow them sky high) but also (to a lesser degree) to subsidize mortgages (holders, not homeowners.) 

Despite all the screaming about “business credit access” there was never any meaningful decline in business credit — it is at all time highs.

Once again the so-called “mainstream media” continues to allow various screamers from the banking industry to come on television and lie without challenge.

The short form on this update is that the trends of the last few years remain intact, and no actual economic progress is occurring — not on a broad basis and certainly not from a personal income perspective.

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