A Glimmer Of Hope?

Glimmer of Hope

There may be cause for “Longer-term optimism”:

There Is Reason For Longer-Term Optimism

I can’t go into details this morning about exactly why, or what.

But if you’ve followed me for any length of time at all you know that I have been extremely negative when it comes to our government budgetary process and the prospects for us to have a sustainable environment in that regard at any time in the reasonable future.

My opinion is now shifting toward positive, believe it or not.

I cannot go into exactly why.  All I can tell you at the present time is that there are a number of people in the US Senate who have “gotten it” for some time, and now it appears that this is spreading to The House.

Now I could easily be wrong, and if I am I’ll say so as soon as I know.

But cautious optimism is now creeping into the pattern of activity, despite the short term debt-ceiling reprieve vote.

Sausage tastes good, but nobody wants to see how it’s made.

Sausage is being made.

Stay tuned.


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One possible hint at what this glimmer may be, comes from Market Watch: Sequester cuts looking harder to undo, wherein potential budget cuts under the sequester are discussed, which had been postponed by the 11th-hour fiscal cliff deal.

So, you see, there may be good reason for an otherwise fiscally-conservative congressman to support the temporary debt ceiling increase. Before you prepare an effigy of your congressman, pause and give that some thought…they may have information you do not.

There may even be another hint forthcoming over the weekend.

Stay tuned.