ISSA Finally Says It Like It Is

Debt Slavery

We’re taxing $1.2 trillion dollars this year.  We’re not collecting it, but we’re taxing it.”


That’s the bottom line.

When Congress spends in deficit it is taxing money that it does not collect today, and thinks it can collect those dollars tomorrow — by force.

Let me point this out for anyone who is paying attention, which Mr. Issa appears to understand but nobody else on that floor has yet spoken of:

I have absolutely no expectation that my daughter, any other person who does not have the franchise, and those who are not yet born will pay those taxes, as they had neither a vote or a voice in assessing them. 

She gave no consent.  She received no benefit. 

She has no obligation to pay and has every right to resist such an assessment through all means, without exception.


I explained this to my father, in his living room, more than a decade ago while my daughter was crawling on his carpet as he prattled on about how he was entitled to spend the same money twice — money he claimed he was owed in Medicare and Social Security benefits but which through his votes he had already spent on other things such as welfare, labor protections and other various government programs.

Nobody can spend the same dollar twice.  What he was voting for, rather, was to financially assault his granddaughter as he had already voted to spend the dollars he claimed he was entitled to collect.  And being a CPA he knew good and damned well what he was voting for when he voted to spend those dollars the first time.  His acts were not from ignorance, they were intentional, as have been those of most of the so-called “adults” of today arguing for these “benefits” and their “representatives.”

I could and did resist at the ballot box — the consequence of my failure to succeed in doing so is mine.

If you are of age then your failure to do so, or worse, your belief that this can be continued without consequence, is likewise yours.

But my daughter had no ability to resist and received no benefit from said spending and thus has no obligation to pay and nothing other than her willful and intentional future consent, freely given, can change this fact.  I made clear to my father at the time that as she grew up I would both make clear to her that she had no obligation to pay any such amounts and would fully support any decision she made in resisting such payment. 

Needless to say that conversation didn’t end well.

This, above all else, is the reason that every person under the age of 18 today and every unborn citizen of tomorrow has every moral, ethical and naturally lawful right to refuse to pay one thin dime of such taxation that is imposed but not collected today by the jackasses such as Charles Rangel who are right now speaking in favor of assessing those who have not given consent.

The amount that our government claims she owes is more than $184,000 and rising by the minute.

In point of fact she owes exactly zero, as exactly none of this has inured to her benefit nor was it contracted with her consent.  No person can lawfully sell another into slavery , economic or otherwise, and any attempt to do so gives rise to an absolute right under the laws of nature to resist through whatever means are necessary.

No Congress and no President has the right to impose taxation on those who are under the age of majority, have no voice or vote, and those not yet born. 

All clever speeches about “fairness” are lies as no person has a right to enslave our youth and those not yet born no matter what sort of flowery language is used.

No Congress and no President has the right to deficit spend as persons who obtained no benefit and gave no consent have every right to refuse to pay through whatever means are necessary.

And if those young people make that decision, whether it happens tomorrow, next year or decades down the road they are fully justified in enforcing their decision irrespective of the means by which they do so.

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