Kerry Bentivolio – A Good First Step

Kerry Bentivolio MI11

From Congressman Bentivolio’s Facebook page:

Today I cosponsored the Enumerated Powers Act. I am proud that the first bill I am cosponsoring holds Congress accountable for its highest duty of upholding the Constitution. I was sent to Congress to protect our rights, not take them away. If this bill is enacted, it will act as a safeguard against unconstitutional legislation.

The Enumerated Powers Act, introduced by Representative Phil Gingrey (GA-11), seeks to strengthen the Constitutional Authority Statement by requiring a concise and definite statement of authority.  Members of Congress will be able to hold their colleagues accountable for their oath to uphold the Constitution by calling for a “point of order” on inadequate or flawed statements.

Unfortunately, it is a large longshot.

Thanks to Rep. Gingrey and Rep. Bentivolio for suggesting this step in the right direction.