Sandy Relief Funding: ANOTHER SCAM

Hurricane Sandy

This infuriates me.

The House was treated to an outrageous display of puerile and faux rage just before adjournment when Speaker Boehner refused to consider Hurricane Sandy “relief bills” before adjourning the Congress and leaving it to the new session.

Today, Congress is beginning to look at these bills again.

Let’s cut the crap and get right to the bottom line, and then I want to direct a particular amount of ire at Rep. King, who called for people stop donating money to Republicans over Boehner’s refusal to rubber-stamp utter and complete crap.

There are two parts to the Sandy issue.  The first one is easy — about $8 billion in appropriations that will fund NFIP insurance policies already written and paid in, for which people now want to collect.

These are entities who bought insurance and then suffered a loss.  There are complaints about NFIP not charging enough money for that insurance, but that’s not the fault of the people who bought the policy — that’s Congressionalmalfeasance.  Congress wrote an actual contract, not a political promise, now pay the f#$k up.  Period. 

If you need a place to find the money, take it out of Defense.  Yes, I’m serious.  This crap about adding to the deficit is unethical and outrageous.  Cut something by $8 billion and pay the damn policyholders.  End of discussion.

If you tried to pull this crap in private industry you would go to prison, and we ought to imprison every member of Congress who votes to either (1) not fund this or (2) deficit fund it.  Congress spent the damn money somewhere else.  Go to the “somewhere else” and recover it.  This is fraud and any Congressperson who stands for fraud deserves a 20 year date with Bubba.

End of discussion.

But — the second half of this so-called “relief”, some $60 billion, is only about half going to Sandy “victims.”  And I use “victims” in quotes because those who decided not to insure against these losses have zero right to claim anything from the government at all.

These losses are insurable — but firms, individuals and municipalities and states don’t like the cost of that insurance, so they didn’t buy it.  This was not a situation similar to Katrina where the ACOE was involved in allegedly providing “protection” and failed to do their job.  In this case private and public entities decided not to syndicate their insurance needs and ran “naked” but now want to be bailed out ex-post-facto.

NO must be the answer.

It would be easy enough to stop there, but in Washington tradition it’s not.  See, of the $60 billion nearly half has exactly nothing to do with Sandy.  There are hundreds of millions in allocations for programs in Alaska, for example, which has exactly nothing to do with the storm.  Then there’s over $20 billion for various liberal “advocacy” programs which have nothing to do with the storm either.

That entire bill is a gross and outrageous fraud.  Any congressperson who spoke for previously or who speaks for or votes for now such an outrage deserves to be deposed from office and imprisoned for public fraud.

This crap must stop.  If you want to know why we’re running a $1.2+ trillion deficit every damned year for the last four,this is the reason.  Congress continually brings to the floor bills that are outrageous public frauds in both accounting and spending generally, mis-titles them on purpose, lards them up to hand money to favored people who bribe them with campaign donations and then lies the public about what they’re paying for and spending the money on.

Every one of those jackasses who does this, including especially representatives like Mr. King, deserves 20 years in pound-you-in-the-ass Federal Prison.  Period.

Oh, and this bill must not pass.

‘Nuff said.

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