The Source Of Your Enslavement

The source of our enslavement is our apparent belief in the need for authority.  We all seem to believe it is necessary to have an authority to keep the world running smoothly.  But do we really?  Why is it that we voluntarily give up our own autonomy, our own individuality and authority to a minuscule group of people?  The following video illustrates precisely how illogical this way of thinking is.  It truly is a situation too weird for 99.999% of people to adequately explain.


Given the current state of broken political and economic systems worldwide, should we continue to put our faith in this “authority?” Has the “authority” demonstrated its expertise in management of the welfare of the whole?

Would self-reliance, strong community values, and management on a local level be a stronger approach?  Could it be worse than what we have?  The video is probably over-simplified, but sometimes simple carries the strongest message and sometimes cutting through all the complexities gives us the clearest picture.