This Morning On CNBS – More BS!


Oh do come on.

I just flipped it on and heard the following (paraphrased):

“Nobody wants to leave this bill (in the form of a lower standard of living) to our children and grandchildren.”

Utter and complete crap.

My own parents told me more than a decade ago, when I bought this very point up as their grand-daughter was crawling around on their carpet at their feet, that they were entitled to all of those benefits they were “promised” even though my father, as a CPA, knew damn well that the money had already been spent.

Those who say that “nobody wants to screw our kids, grandkids and those not yet born” is simply lying.  The fact of the matter is that the majority of so-called “boomers” and the so-called “greatest generation” not only do want to do exactly that they know good and damn well that they voted for policies through their entire life that already spent every single nickel taken in for those entitlement programs!  They know they money is gone, it’s gone because they demanded it be gone, and now they want to spend it again having already done so!

We will never solve what’s wrong with this country’s finances until we hold people’s feet to the fire.  When my own family,which contains a CPA and thus is fully aware of exactly how arithmetic works, tells me that they’re entitled to these programs despite being able to pay on their own for their retirement needs (due to being reasonably fiscally astute during their working lives) I do not want to hear crap like I did this morning on CNBS.

We must honestly face the fact that our Seniors do want to bend our youth over the table and will screw them blind.  They have done so thus far with their votes and lobbying organizations (AARP anyone?) and will continue to do so if permitted to continue precisely because those youth are too young to effectively resist.

Further, these very same people are in our schools as teachers and administrators and  they intentionally omit any sort of practical instruction in mathematics classes when it comes to exponents and how they work in the real world.  

This is not an accident, it’s intentional; were they to explain how this will impact those kids in the classroom there would be an all-on revolt by our youth right here and now.

Those who are adults and who do not agree that our children and grandchildren should cover the puerile and outrageous fiscal behavior by our Seniors and those who are not yet there in age should both teach our young exactly what’s going on and urge them to say out loud: I WILL NOT PAY.

Cut the crap CNBC and tell the truth.

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