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 by genesis

Pie in the sky eh Brit?

Let me tell you what I think, which is what I do here every day.

I’m damned tired of both lawmakers and media people who lie through their damn teeth, and I’ve still got lawful things I can do about it that actually matter.

One of the lawful things I can do is to not spend money in places that are operated by, support, or in any way economically assist such liars and jackasses, with my focus being rendered on those who are closest to the things that I dislike the most.

In this case that would be these people in the Media, specifically Brit Hume and thus those who advertise on Fox News, along with Dianne Feinstein who thinks the Second Amendment is a joke and those who lease buildings managed or owned by the company her husband (Richard Blum) is the chair of the board of, that being CB Ellis.

So here’s the challenge to all of you readers: Pick an issue like this, or two.

I happen to think the Second Amendment is a good one, as is the lying media on the fiscal issues — the repeated claim that it is “pie in the sky” to expect the government to spend only what it takes in via taxes, and to cut the crap on continued handouts via more and more debt.

The latter in fact may make resort to the former more-likely.

You may think our youth will be simply forced to pay for us older folks as we become geezers on the path we’re on.  Brit Hume may think my daughter, now 16 and unable to vote, will cover his Medicare (he’s 69, born in 1943.)

She, however, having never consented to the confiscatory taxation necessary to do so, may refuse.  Her children, not yet born, may also refuse.  And if either refuse I will simply nod my head, irrespective of the means by which that refusal is communicated, because unlike Brit Hume and Dianne Feinstein I recognize that I have no right to compel her, or her as-yet-not-conceived offspring, to cover my expense as I grow older.

I have few means left available to me that are lawful to bring pressure upon both members of the House and Senate as well as people like Brit.  But my lawful means are not yet exhausted.  I cannot be compelled to spend my funds in one store over another, at least not yet.  I can lawfully refuse, and in the process of doing so I can tell those shop-keepers that I am refusing to patronize their stores and other establishments because they are furthering the economic interests of those who seek to destroy either our economy or our fundamental rights.

So here’s my New Year’s Resolution:

In this New Year I am going to identify just a couple of places to bring that pressure.  Feinstein’s family interests and those firms with whom they’re associated will be one.  There will be others.  And for each I am going to print up some business cards, and keep a few in my wallet.

When I come upon such an entity that economically is benefiting one of these persons via such a connection — say a store in a Mall that is managed or owned by one of these firms — instead of buying products and services there I am going to ask for the manager and give them one of the cards, then walk out.

There are 330 million of us.

There are 535 of them, plus a few hundred “high places” folks in the media.

If even 1% of the population prints up those business cards and does this, the brown stuff will hit the fan so hard and so fast, and the influence of this will expand so quickly, that all this crap will have to stop in the immediate term.

In short, it’s your money — spend it wisely and tell those who you choose not to spend it with why.

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