About Those Pre-Existing Health Conditions….

It seems that there’s no money for that promise made to those who had trouble getting health “insurance” you see, and as a result the much-touted plan that Obama claimed would help has slammed the door in people’s faces.

Tens of thousands of Americans who cannot get health insurance because of preexisting medical problems will be blocked from a program designed to help them because funding is running low.

Obama administration officials said Friday that the state-based “high-risk pools” set up under the 2010 health-care law will be closed to new applicants as soon as Saturday and no later than March 2, depending on the state.

Note that this program was always underfunded.  But it was supposed to last until sometime in 2014, when in theory health plans cannot reject or charge higher prices for sick people.

Of course there is this little problem with that as well — what happens if nobody who is well buys, and instead decides to pay the penalty?  Now what’s the price going to be for the plan when it’s all sick people who want it?

Somehow I suspect nobody really thought of that.

Note too that the article claims that 129 million people have a condition or prior illness that will make it difficult to buy their own insurance.  That’s more than a third of the population!

This is part and parcel of why so-called “insurance” as it is sold today cannot possibly work, nor can what Obamacare promises.  Yet nobody from either side of the aisle is willing to get into the debate about this, what it means, and what we’re going to do about it.

I have a new position paper coming on my view of the political landscape, and this features prominently in that paper.

Expect to see it soon.

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