Bill Still – From Cyprus to Solutions

Bill Still

Bill Still is a guest on the Day Trade Show.  Some very wise words of caution regarding a gold standard.  The large banking institutions are starting to push a ‘gold-backed currency.’  Everyone from the IMF to the BIS to the World Bank is starting to suggest that this is what will be implemented when fiat money printing no longer kicks the can.   One has to ask the obvious question:  Why would the same banking institutions who have successfully monopolized fiat currency want this if it would, as purported, put the money power back in the hands of the people or in any way prevent them from a total monopoly yet again.

The short answer is:  it won’t.  The banks control the gold as much, if not more so, than they do fiat currency.  The whole point is to try to push you, JoeCitizen into ‘trusting’ that this is a much more fair method.  Do not be fooled.  It’s time that we learnt our lessons from history.  Remember, we went off the gold standard not because it was too restrictive for the bankers, we went off the gold standard because people were losing faith in it.  The bankers had manipulated it so much, that no one believed it was real anymore. And it wasn’t.  It is time to STOP trusting what these money changers suggest!