For The Parliament Of Cyprus: A History Lesson

Kourion Cyprus

Since it seems that Parliament can’t manage to muster the votes, perhaps something a bit more instructive is in order.  Like history and natural law, for example.  Let’s go down the (reasonably short) list:

  1. Private property, including the privately-held funds of the people is, in fact, private.
  2. Taxation for public good is an accepted and necessary part of living in a society.  However, putative “taxation” to bail out people who did irresponsible things, like gambling with other people’s money on Greek sovereign debt, is nothing other than theft to cover a bad marker at Vegas after someone loses.  This is in fact felony, not taxation, and those who solicit or commit such felony deserve to be tried for treason and punished according to their guilt thereof. 
  3. No legitimate government has a right to cross the line between taxation and theft.
  4. All legitimate governments obtain their power from the freely-given consent of the governed, and that consent may be withdrawn at any time.

If and when that consent is withdrawn those putative members of government have two choices — leave quietly and willingly to be replaced by those who will honor the four principles above or risk be deposed by force as the people always outnumber the government.  Further, the people cannot be compelled to effort at anything approaching a sufficient level of output to cover government’s expenses once it finds itself trying to bail out the irresponsible or criminal with other people’s money, so it is not necessary that the people shoot or otherwise engage in violence — a work stoppage is sufficient to guarantee the government’s collapse, should the people choose to maintain it for a sufficient time.

However, history also says that most of the time the people will choose to hang, burn, shoot or loot either in concert with or in place of a general work stoppage.

Thus ends our history lesson for today.

Let’s see whether today rhymes with the past 5,000 years of recorded human experience.

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