My God, An ACTUAL Filibuster?

Rand Paul Filibuster

I’m not sure I believe it.

Rand Paul is actually filibustering.  Not threatening to, not saying he will, he’s actually doing it.

He’s talking, and talking, and talking, and talking.  The way it’s supposed to be done.  The way it used to be done. The way it always should have been done.

But no, through time we’ve cheapened the filibuster, and turned it into a declaration rather than an act.

But the act requires some balls.  You have to stay awake, for one thing.  For another, how are you going to pee?  That could prove to be a problem, but it’s not one without solutions (as a diver who wears a drysuit, I’m aware of a few potential ones.)  Then there’s the need for food and water, and those bear directly on the what would normally come out the other end.

I admire this act.  He’s right on the facts too — that we shouldn’t get a vote until we have something that amounts to a real declaration of policy on murdering people without trial.  Such an act is in fact murder when conducted in America, and The President does not have the authority to commit murder.

If you think he does, or that he can delegate that, then you are committing two grievous errors that are likely to blow up in your face at some time in the future.

  • You are removing the rule of law.  We already do a lot of that, but this is not a precedent you should sit for.  It leads to some very dark places; a man who can order up the murder of someone without indictment or trial is a dictator — period.
  • It legitimates murder of our leaders, law enforcement and all others involved in such decisions.  If government doesn’t have to bother with due process neither does anyone else.  This is how civil wars happen — usually not immediately, but with a high degree of certainty.

This sort of mealy-mouth nonsense by the administration must not stand.  Rand Paul has correctly identified this as a place to stick a stake in the ground and say thou shalt not pass.

We should join him.

We should do so in a peaceful means of putting a stop to this crap.

There are such means.

Are you willing to take peaceful, lawful action now in a bid to prevent the spreading of gross lawless and violent action later?

Think about it a bit over a beer or three.

It’s worth your contemplation.

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