The Medical Scam Will Soon Be Laid Bare

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Heh heh heh….

In Montana, for example, Hoey’s pharmacists group found that generic Lipitor, generic Plavix, diovan and Nexium together cost $359.38 per month through UnitedHealth’s AARP Medicare Rx Preferred plan at a Walgreen preferred pharmacy in Helena. The same drugs cost $327.73 at the independent Anderson Family Pharmacy in Great Falls. Hoey said his group relied on data from Medicare’s website.

Just wait until you see what’s going to be disclosed soon…..

Specifically, wait until you see what other first-world nation citizens pay for these same drugs.

Soon, you will be able to.


And once you do then you will understand why we do not need this “coverage” at all and that the only reason it is “needed” is that you were raped by the medical industry in the setting of these prices in the first place and then those prices were protected by laws prohibiting the cross-border operation of the market which would otherwise instantly result in you being able to buy these drugs for dramatically less — in fact, so much less that you could almost-certainly pay cash.

You are likely to be rather angry, I suspect, and you should be.

Stay tuned.

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