Watch What They Do, Not Say

Two Face

This nation is done folks — Boehner not only has no balls he has no common sense and is trying to cheat mathematics, much like the 5th grader who gets an “F” in arithmetic and whines “but teacher, I did my best!!!!!

It’s still an “F” John, and you need to be flushed along with the rest of your caucus.

(CNSNews.com) – The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted 267-151 on Wednesday to approve a $982-billion continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government through the rest of fiscal 2013 that fully funds the implementation of Obamacare during that period.

The House Republican leaders turned aside requests from groups of conservative members to include language in the bill that would have withheld funding for implementation of all of Obamacare, or, alternatively, that would have withheld funding for the Obamacare regulation that requires health-plans to provide cost-free coverage for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

Of course CNS turns this into a “social issue” diatribe, which is BS as well.

The real issue is the ~9% cost escalation in medical spending from 1980 forward that has not slowed materially at all, which is dramatically in advance of GDP, and which just in insurance costs alone is going to explode in the next 12 months with many people taking 100% premium increases.

And this is with the so-called CPI already showing a near-9% increase over the last year — right on track.

Remember this article and the chart in it?

Remember the projection forward just two more years?

And what happens when, not if, the market throws up on The Fed’s rate suppression and decides to start pricing Treasury debt “at the market” based on Congressional action?

Let me know how you’re going to “bring the budget into balance”, as Ryan claims, when just Health Care, Pensions and Interest total the all of the tax receipts that the government gets — from all sources!

We’re two years or less from utter and complete disaster and this CR is an act of intentional destruction of the American economy and government.

To Boehner and the rest of the pukes who voted for to destroy America, which unfortunately includes all of the Republicans save 14:


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