Why Do You Obey The Law When They Don’t Have To?

Yes, that is the BIG question.  Really, it’s the only question that matters right now when it comes to our financial system.

Why do you obey the law, when the largest financial institutions in the United States break the law at will?

Time after time we watch the largest financial institutions break laws, the same laws under which we, the common person, would be jailed if we were to do the same thing.  These are the very same financial institutions who are receiving $83 billion in annual taxpayer support.  In essence, the taxpayers are being forced to finance the banks’ theft of our own property and money.


This is how civil wars occur — when the rule of law is entirely lost – when injustice reaches the point that certain “special people” get to break the law without consequence, while the “little people” violating the same or similar laws are arrested, indicted, tried, convicted and thrown in jail.