5 Points To Ponder On Memorial Weekend


As you prepare to grill out your steaks and fly your flags, take time from the swilling of beer to consider the following.

  • Our government is completely out of control.  Benghazi, Fast-n-Furious, IRS Abuse, 100,000 perjured affidavits, phony securities marketed under false pretense, Congressional force used to commit accounting fraud, money lanudering and more.  There is no longer a rule of law; the Golden Rule has been turned into “Do unto others, run like hell and, if caught, bribe Congress or threaten economic collapse.”  While that contains a slight amount of hyperbole, the operative word there is “slight.”
  • There is no current political party that answers to this issue.  Even the so-called Libertarians.  Adrian Wyllie, for example, current chair of the Florida Libertarian Party and candidate for governor, surrendered his driver license not because he believed he had a fundamental right to travel but because the Florida Government demanded that he prove who he was in order to renew that license.  Once you cede the point that travel upon a public way for private, non-commercial purposes is a privilege then you have lost this argument entirely because by definition a privilege may be conditioned upon whatever the grantor wishes, and identifying the people to be granted the privilege is certainly among the fundamental characteristics associated with same.  From logically-defective predicates come indefensible policy — every time.
  • The reason there is no political party that answers to this issue lies within us as the electorate.  We the people are the problem.  It is not they, it is us.  We want security and will sacrifice liberty to obtain it and in doing we wind up with neither.  We want to grant the government the right to criminalize statistical probabilities rather than actual harm to others.  We seem to be incapable of dealing with the logical fact that once you empower a government with the ability to make something a crime based on statistical probability anything becomes subject to prohibition or regulation.  This is the exact opposite of what was called forth in The Declaration of Independence.
  • When a nation loses the rule of law it becomes a defacto monarchy with subjects who are factual slaves to the ruling classes.  We have descended into a pit in which we debate which political entity (whether it be a mayor, sheriff, Congressman, Senator or President) will have power.  In short we are attempting to choose our master predicated on whether he will promise us hot or cold porridge.  Unfortunately as with all master -> slave relationships such promises are utterly unenforceable and are never fulfilled.  Did you ever consider that on a Plantation with 20 slaves and fewer than a half-dozen white slave-owners (only one or two of whom were prepared and capable of offering resistance) there was never, in fact, any ability to enforce slavery as the slaves outnumbered the masters by a factor of 10 or more?  Today we have 330 million people in America, more or less, and perhaps one in 300 of them is in a direct position to offer resistance.  Our willing acceptance is why there was robosigning, why there have now been three successive and near-identical bubbles in asset prices (the third of which we are in now), why the employment participation rate has not recovered, why food stamp recipients continue to climb, why a hospital childbirth with three nights stay for the mother and baby that by official inflation numbers should cost $1,000 in cash but is in fact 10 times or more that amount and why your purchasing power has been intentionally and systematically destroyed by a Congress and Federal Reserve that intentionally and publicly violate the very alleged black-letter law that created said Fed.
  • And finally, we were and are not forced today into our position as slaves, we have and are consenting. We put the manacles and chains on our own hands and feet and keep them there despite the presence of chisels and hammers with which we could remove them at any time. The black community, for example, was promised education and good jobs by the liberal wing of our government.  What they factually got was the destruction of the family unit, the rise of the “gangster” culture, drug dependency, outrageous percentages of black youth born to single mothers along with economic devastation and dependence.  Today we claim that giving away “free money” and even more in “loans” is the path to education for all yet the national college graduation rate for black males six years after matriculation is just 35%.  Predictably we blame this on the poor state of our primary and secondary education system but in point of fact you need exactly one skill to be able to succeed, if you want to: reading.  If you can read you can learn anything, provided you want to.  This problem is not limited to blacks but it is certainly evident there in a way that simply cannot be ignored.  The bottom line is that we do not remove those manacles not because we fear being murdered by our government but because if we do remove them and return to The Declaration in all of what we consent to the freebies will cease.  Thus, if we sit on our ass, we will literally starve.

Adhering to some political philosophy that is not founded on the principles of The Declaration and cannot trace each and every position it takes back to that document in a defensible and articulate manner is consent to slavery in some form or fashion.  Today we have no political party available to us that actually stands for The Declaration and nobody clamors for it, because if there was such a clamor the formation of said party would have already happened.

Over a million Americans have died through the years in an attempt to protect The Declaration of Independence and what it stands for.

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As you grill your steaks this weekend and drink your beer you might wish to ponder exactly how much of that beer, once used, you are pissing away on the founders and what they gave us.

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