Drew Matus: They Can’t Allow The Full Pricing-In

Bubble Machine

…. of normalization of the Fed’s balance sheet.

Did you catch that?  No?

Gee, what does that mean?  

It means The Fed is intentionally creating a bubble in asset prices.

Just like GreedScam did.

Just like Bernanke and Greenspan did in housing.

You just heard that, in plain English, on CNBC — if you were listening.

What sort of arrogance do you think is required to believe that The Fed is actually in charge?

I simply look to history.

The Fed didn’t prevent the .COM crash.

The Fed said that there was no housing bubble.

Bernanke, specifically, said subprime was contained.

Bernanke, specifically, said The Fed did not believe there would be a recession, say much less a market crash.

How wise are you to put “faith” in an institution that has been wrong in virtually every case — a record so bad that one is forced to wonder if their “wrong-ness” has been intentional and used to screw you as the common person as a means for their “buddies” to steal all your wealth.

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