The GDP Graph That Explains The Problem


The Voice of Russia recently published a very comprehensive document, which is well worth taking the time to read.  They are establishing a reputation for journalism that tells the facts, all of the facts, without spin or political ideology.  They’ve broken into the American market by giving Americans what our own media is lacking, truth and integrity.

A feature in their recent publication is an interview with FedUpUSA’s own Karl Denninger (Tickerguy).  The pertinent page.

Voice of Russia – 06-11-13 5

Voice of Russia - 06-11-13 5

The truth of the matter here is that ‘printing money’ or ‘quantitative easing’ is merely issuance of more debt.  Worse yet, it is debt without any asset behind it other than a promise to pay in the future.  That promise to pay is not borne by the Federal Reserve, it is placed on the back of the workers (those that produce).  So, therefore, every single issuance of un-backed credit/debt is destroying an equal value of production – ie. the REAL economy.  Your jobs.  Your income.  Your work.  Your assets.   Debt and production will ALWAYS run in opposite directions as illustrated by this graph.

THIS is why the stock market is soaring, but you are quite possibly unemployed, under-employed and barely able to pay for necessities.  Look no further than the economic policies of our government and the implementation thereof by the Federal Reserve.

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