Obamacare Subsidies: Just Lie, It’s Ok

Obamacare Pixie Dust

Government: Go ahead and steal, it’s all right.

But Reuters reports that the new rules released on Friday will give 16 states — as well as the District of Columbia — a pass for now on the employer-insurance verification. For those states, which are launching their own exchanges, the federal government will give them until 2015 to start random checks. The exchanges themselves launch at the beginning of 2014.

As for verifying the income levels of applicants, the new rules allow the exchanges in some cases to simply take their word for it.

Oh, and let’s not forget when they dropped this gem — on Friday evening.  On a holiday weekend as well.  The clear intent was to try to bury the story, hoping that nobody would catch the deception and screwing being put onto the taxpayer.

No such luck folks.

This “change” makes clear that (1) you can lie about your income, and (2) nobody is going to check what you claim when it comes to income.

Therefore, there will be massive fraud, just as there is in the “Earned Income Credit” at present — estimates are that as much as one quarter of the people who receive it don’t qualify but of course they’re neither audited or prosecuted.

This will be at least as bad if not worse, simply because of the size of the health care system.

Expect tens of billions a year worth of stealing by people who claim they “qualify” for subsidies for Obamacare — but who really don’t.  And expect the number of prosecutions for that fraud to be approximately equal to zero.

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