This Friday: Take A Stand Against Government Gone Wild


Bakers Green Acres.  If you haven’t been following this story for the past year, you should be.

Among other organic, pesticide and chemical-free crops, the Bakers raise pigs.  The State of Michigan, in its infinite wisdom has deemed their pigs ‘feral’ based solely on appearance.

Here is an excerpt from the law:


Act 466 of 1988

“Domestic animal” means those species of animals that live under the husbandry of humans.

“Feral swine” means swine which have lived their life or any part of their life as free roaming or not under the husbandry of humans.

Any person who is found in violation of any part of the Michigan Exotic Animal Law may face a fine of no less than $250 or more than $1,000. This is in addition to any costs incurred by prosecution. Failing to obtain a required permit can cost from $500 to $2,000 per animal, plus the cost of prosecution. Plus a fine, the violator can be imprisoned for up to 93 days, can have up to 500 hours of community service, can lose their owner privileges or their privilege to possess a large carnivore.

But, you see, there’s more to this law than meets the eye.  One must consider who benefits from this.  Listen to Mr. Bakers’ testimony before the Agricultural Committee:


As with every other law in existence, this one was written to benefit the group who lobbied for its passage.  In this case, large corporations.  You see, they didn’t get big by hard work, they got big by getting the government to stamp out their competition, or in this case, kill it dead.

This is not just about a pig farmer. It’s about unchecked power of a bought-off government gone wild, and the impotence of individuals whose best interests do not align with those of larger corporations/associations.  Here’s your chance to stand up to this egregious abuse of power.

Bakers Green Acres

THIS FRIDAY, join the Bakers in court.  Show your support for freedom.  Facebook Event Details.


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