To The Government: NOW You’re F*ed

Withdraw Consent

A very interesting thing happened in the Zimmerman fiasco.

The state, in its closing rebuttal arguments, appealed to the hearts of the jury, not to the evidence.

Florida is an odd state when it comes to criminal law.  In most states the prosecution gets its closing argument, then the defense.  In most states the defense goes last, which is in line with the premise that one is innocent until proved guilty, and the defense gets one last stab an introducing reasonable doubt.

But in Florida the prosecution gets a rebuttal — they get the last word before the jury retires to deliberate.  And in that closing argument the prosecution argued for the use of the jury’s heart.

In doing so they admitted they had not put on a fact-based case — their duty — to obtain a conviction.  Since their job was to put on such a case, and they had a duty not to bring a case which was not fact-based as such would constitute malicious prosecution, in this case for political purpose, the fact that the prosecution made this appeal is a point few are focusing on but where we should all be directing our attention — because it is the salient issue at the bar and has been since the Sanford Police Chief was fired for his refusal to go along with the railroading of a crime victim who lawfully defended himself.

The prosecution admitted prosecutorial misconduct in open court, and it followed other factual misconduct, including the intentional suppression of exculpatory evidence they had in their possession.

The problem for the race pimps, and I include Eric Holder and Obama in this directly, along with Angela Corey (who ought to be disbarred and imprisoned under 18 USC 242) and the State of Florida, including its governor Rick Scott who has failed thus far to put a stop to Corey’s shenanigans despite having the clear authority to do so is that the race pimps produce nothing in this nation but rely on those of us who do produce so they can have tax revenue to “spread around” to the beneficiaries of their policies.

But you can’t force the producers to produce.

We are well beyond the point where producers have every right to say “screw this!” and walk off into the sunset, enjoying whatever Mai Tais they can purchase on the beach with whatever they have accumulated, producing nothing for the rest of their days and simply adding more and more to the welfare and povery pimp sucking sound until the government collapses under its own weight.

We have seen instance after instance where gross, outrageous crimes by those who are “well-connected” are left unpunished, such as Tan Man Mozilo and Corzine, among others.  Where the role taken voluntarily in exchange for legally skimming off transaction fees (E.g. the CME) in policing margin and capital adequacy is eschewed when it would lead to having to cover losses due to their lack of attention (e.g. MF Global.)  When the very same exchanges (all of them) sit back and watch patterns of conduct that strongly suggest blatantly unlawful activity under the Securities Act (order patterns not intended to execute but rather to game markets as just one example) and do nothing.  We have seen regulators sit back and ignore “industry” engage in various dodges around front-running law, such as the “confidence survey” early releases to those who pay money, not to mention all the other firms that are doing the same thing (no, UMich is hardly the only entity pulling this crap.)

Not all of this is per-se unlawful conduct and some of it might not even be unlawful under the black letter of the law, just as it’s not “unlawful” for an entireindustry to set itself up to effectively extort money from Americans (health insurance) in exchange for nothing, since you can typically buy the services in question for cash for what would otherwise be your “co-payment” or “deductible.”  It is only the threat of bankrupting you by putting together a “chargemaster” price list that is 500% higher that allows insurance companies and other providers to actually have a market for this so-called “insurance” — a product that doesn’t even fit the definition of insurance (pooling of risk against unlikely events for which one is expected to lose the money paid in premiums.)  The people screwing you like this even meet behind closed doors and collude in their acts — a blatant violation of the Sherman Act in virtually any other line of business.

The reason this sort of thing isn’t unlawful is that the various industry “mavens” have gone to the government and jiggered the law such that they can get away with whatever it is that they’d like to do today.  All of this is adverse to your interest and it is why laws like Dodd-Frank are 1,000+ pages, where Glass-Steagall was less than 40.  The modern-day way to obtain advantage isn’t to produce a better product or service, it is to go to the government and get them to hit your opponent over the head with a baseball bat.  Witness Tesla, which has been told in several states it cannot sell cars because the company refuses to follow a forced franchise model — a law that mandates additional layers of overhead for which the customer must pay rather than letting the market decide whether or not that overhead is objectively reasonable by resulting in a better ownership experience with the customer making the choice by buying or not buying from a given supplier.

People rarely focus on the real issues — in government or elsewhere — because if you do then you’re forced to deal with the ugly reality of what you’re promulgating and why.  The race pimps are all ignoring the fact that Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman and beating him when he was shot.  That’s what the evidence shows.  The entirety of the case prior to the point where Martin threw a punch is immaterial.  You do not have the right to physically attack someone because they’re walking in a place where they have a right to be as they live there, even if you’re being “followed.”  You do not have the right to respond to someone asking you a question by decking them.  The factual timeline of events placed Martin with four minutes after he broke off contact with Zimmerman to contemplate not being “respected” and then to return to the apartment where he was staying, a walk of some 50yds that would require less than one minute.  Instead he decided to double back and physically assault Zimmerman.

But the evidence doesn’t just show an assault, it showed that Martin deliberately mounted Zimmerman, cutting off his ability to escape the confrontation and continued beating him.  The physical evidence showed lacerations on Martin’s knuckles consistent with the repeated striking of Zimmerman with his fists and no lacerations on Zimmerman’s hands.  In other words, Zimmerman didn’t strike Martin with any material amount of force and in fact he probably didn’t hit him at all.

We all have a right to life but you do not have a right to place anyone else in reasonable fear that you are about to take their life or do them great bodily harm.  When you mount someone in a fight who has fallen and continue beating them you have crossed the line between a fight and an act of aggression that reasonably leaves the person you have mounted believing you intend to seriously injure or kill them.  That’s the standard for the use of deadly force in lawful self-defense and that standard is exactly where it should be.

It’s unfortunate that Trayvon Martin is dead but he is dead by his own hand.  Had he walked back into the apartment after he was “disrespected” by the “creepy-ass cracker”, as Dee-Dee testified, he’d be alive. Had he assaulted Zimmerman by punching him, knocking Zimmerman to the ground and then walked off he would still be alive.  It was Martin’s sole decision to mount a fallen man who he just punched and who was grossly physically inferior in ability to him, then continue pounding on him, demonstrating through his actions that he intended to do great bodily harm or kill, that led to his death.

That is what the jury found.

That is what the former Sanford Chief of Police found and he was fired for his findings — findings that have now been vindicated by the adversarial criminal legal process.

That’s because that is what actually happened, as I pointed out at the beginning of this circus.

Now the government has a problem — the race pimps are refusing to accept truth.  But the producers of this country, and an awful lot of young people who are the producers of tomorrow, saw what happened — including the willful and intentional distortion of the facts by both the media and the State — and they get it.

As well they should.

We’ve seen many so-called “flash mobs” running around Michigan Avenue in Chicago along with other parts of the country.  Bands of modern-day brigands robbing people and assaulting them smug in the knowledge that until the courts forced the issue it was illegal to carry a concealed weapon for protection in Illinois.  This meant that you had the choice between being a criminal and a victim — that’s not exactly what defines civilization, is it?  You might be able to argue that carrying the means of effective personal defense is “unnecessary” if there were no brigands, but unfortunately there always have been and there always will be, as those who would steal from you or worse have always existed and always will.

The people in our state and federal government who created a lynch mob mentality and fed it with lies for the specific purpose of screwing the victim in this case had better reflect on what they’ve done, sit down and shut the fuck up.  Not because there will be violence but because they cannot force those of us who are not violent but are productive to produce, and we can choose to not produce, withdrawing our consent in a form and fashion that the government cannot challenge or address.

THAT, not Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of the poverty pimps, is what our government officials ought to be contemplating this morning.  Angela Corey should be standing in the dock under indictment for obstruction of justice, the IT director who was fired for blowing the whistle on the state’s intentional corruption of this trial should be reinstated with back pay and a formal apology, the City of Sanford owes their former police chief an apology and reinstatement as well and Governor Scott damn well needs to appoint a special prosecutor to detail all of the laws that the poverty pimps and apparatchik in the State and Federal governments violated in Florida where Florida Law governs (including The Federal Government funding protests before Zimmerman was charged) — and refer all of it to a Grand Jury for indictment and prosecution.

If this doesn’t happen, and I don’t expect it to by the way, then Governor Scott should expect there will be more people who will simply refuse to produce, as should the Federal Government as well.

The same applies to the rest of the clown-car brigade with the serious issues our nation faces, whether it be rigging of financial markets, the outrageous scams in the “health-care” system — or putting a man on trial because he successfully defended his life in the gravest extreme.

There is not a damn thing that the State or Federal government can do about it should people just like me make exactly that determination and choice, walking off and reducing the state and federal government’s tax revenue to the point of collapse.

And that, my friends, is what I believe that you, if you’re a producer, should contemplate doing this morning — and make damn clear that yes, that’s a threat, it’s a lawful threat, and the government can either stop this crap or face its destruction through the entirely lawful removal of your consent through reduction or outright cessation of production.

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A final note:  The justice system relies upon ‘reasonable doubt’ NOT emotions.  The blood of black boys and men is spilled every single day in this country, spilled by other black men/boys.  Where is the outrage?  The entire George Zimmerman trial was an exercise in emotional race-baiting.  Period.

How else was it even possible that the only photo the mainstream media carried was this one of Tryavon when he was 12?

Trayvon-Martin 12

But we never saw a young George Zimmerman and a recent, accurate, photo of Tryavon Martin?

Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman Truth

Trayvon Martin was 6’0″ tall and nearly 200 pounds when he encountered George Zimmerman.  He was 5 years older than the photo the media perpetually circulated.  At least one witness was completely mislead by this false representation.  That this was even possible is reprehensible.