Government Shutdown: The Rethuglicans Are Missing The Point (On Purpose)

Same Crap

Dig this line of crap:

“I fully understand where the Tea Party and like-minded people are coming from, that Obamacare is a tragically flawed law and it’s not good for the country, but I would also have to add that shutting down the government is not a good for the country,” said Fred Malek, a Republican fundraiser.

“At a time politically where Obama is in a very weak position resulting from his handling of the situation in Syria, the economic situation, and the implementation of a health-care law that is going to be really rocky, we’re basically going in and seizing defeat from the jaws of victory politically,” he said. “You’ve got a flawed law that’s bad for the country being met with a flawed approach that is also very bad for the country, and I don’t think it’s good politically or substantively.”

Wrong on all counts.

You are missing the point here Malek.

The Republican Party “mainstream” no longer represents America either.   

You have all stood for and allowed:

  • The creation and expansion of medical monopolies, including through the provision of Medicare Part D, CON laws and laws making crimes out of ordinary economic transactions such as buying a truckload of Viagra in another country and bringing it back to the United States, destroying the price controls that the drug companies have established.  Price controls and restraint of trade are black-letter violations of The Sherman Act and you have made them lawful.  Never mind EMTALA (passed by none other than Ronald Reagan.)
  • The creation and expansion of a near-police-state empire with the “integration” of various records for all sorts of purposes, including NICS and more, all of which are used by employers and insurance companies to collude in the offering (or refusal to offer) goods, services and jobs to Americans.  Again, but for government involvement andpermission this would all be felonious.
  • The creation, sponsorship and passage of laws that have made student loan debt non-dischargable along with the utter and blanket refusal to prosecute fraudulent credit emission by banks and others, and then you doubled down on that with a refusal to prosecute outright fraud in the financial system during George Bush’s time in office when it became evident and began to crash the markets and economy.  Remember that it was your mainstream candidate who suspended his campaign in 2008 to guarantee the passage of TARP and your Treasury Secretary who originally submitted a three-page bill that granted him effective status as emporer, removing any ability for oversight or prosecution even for blatantly unlawful acts.
  • The outrageous support for illegal immigration and offshoring of jobs to nations that in turn prosecute or heavily tax the same coming the other direction, resulting in the destruction of our wage and job base.  China and Mexico are the worst two offenders.  It is particularly galling when you realize that in China there is an import duty on iPhones due to some of the components and intellectual property coming from the US and yet the same device, assembled with parts made in China and in China itself with near-slave Chinese labor, flows here with no duty at all despite the destruction of manufacturing jobs that come from same.  The same, incidentally, applies tocars and their components (among others.)
  • All of the above has resulted in the destruction of 80% of the minimum-wage-earners purchasing power since 1980!

Your party, Mr. Shit-for-brains, is why we’re here.  We no longer have an adversarial process in government as there is no longer a pair of political parties.  That a handful of people elected as Republicans have come to the conclusion that in the main you’re just Democrats with a different letter after your name, with the only differentiating factor being your motivation (that is, Democrats want to steal and give to someone else while siphoning off part for themselves, you want to steal and simply keep it all yourself) has gone too far.

The portion of America that actually produces is tired of being ripped off.

Political Parties the Same

Oh sure, the Democrats can still appeal to the thieves and their beneficiaries.  But the problem they have is that without people like me, who are increasingly unwilling to pay the check and are erecting the middle finger, they can’t fund their crap any more.

That the coalition of those who have had enough of this crap got enough people into office to make it impossible for you to move party-line-vote legislation without their consent and thus now have the ability to stop you is a public good.

This much I’m reasonable sure of — if you don’t cut the crap and change your tune your ass is going to be living under a freeway overpass — if you’re lucky.

It will either happen because you reform and tear down all of the above (along with the rest) along with The Tea Party and those of us (like me) who are tired of your lies or an ever-increasing number of people will do what I’m doing, refusing to earn enough for you to keep taxing it away, and you will find that you have no choices at all as you won’t be able to cash the checks you wish to write.

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