Oh, So The Fed NOW Talks About Cheating?

Federal-Reserve 2

The Fed now cares about Nanex’s report that trades on the “release” of the decision happened before the speed of light made it possible?  [See here for an explanation of the scams that have been being run.]

Gee, who leaked from the lockup?  Obviously someone.

So now The Fed is “asking” eh?

Why are they asking anything of anyone?  Go to the exchange and subpoena the identity of the traders who placed the trades, then charge them criminally and civilly. 

If a financial institution is implicated charge that institution criminally as well.

That which is physically impossible is physically impossible.

If the traders would like a 50% reduction in their prison time they can rat out the “news” entity that gave them the information.

These guys think they were cute in programming their computers to wait until exactly 2 PM.

They forgot that it takes 7 milliseconds for light to travel from Washington DC to Chicago, and the trades went off in that window.

That’s physically impossible — unless you had the information before 2 PM.

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