The Politics Of The Budget And Debt Ceiling

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The common political chestnut is that if there is a government shutdown (1) the Republicans will get the blame and (2) in the end they will have to fold and thus get neither policy or political (read: seats in the legislature) wins from the strategy.

Both of these chestnuts are wrong.

First, let’s look at substantive policy.  The last shutdown allegedly “hurt” the GOP and they got “nothing” from it.  Oh really?  The GOP got the sequester and the end of the Payroll tax cut, both of which had a material positive impact of the deficit.  The latter, incidentally, was far more important than the former, but every dollar counts.

Second, going along to get along did not get the GOP back the White House in 2012.  Worse, they lost virtually every key race in the House and Senate, and failed to gain Congressional control.

And what did the GOP run on?  Obamacare, basically.  Call it Romneycare if you want, government controlled and mandated medicine was thrown to the curb by the Republican voter and now is hated by both party voters.

So on policy exactly what does the GOP “lose” by standing firm?  Nothing.


Second, politically.

Refusing to raise the debt ceiling does not stop the government.  It simply stops the government from spending money it does not have.  It thus puts a stop to the fraud that we can have whatever we want whether or not we have the money to pay for it, which doesn’t work for anyone other than governments.

That’s good, not bad.  And yes, it would be “drastic” and spun by the Democrats and Obama, but the truth is what it is.

And finally, the GOP can throw this back on the Senate and Harry Reid.  Here’s how.

The House has sent over the CR minus Obamacare.  Reid will almost-certainly add it back and send it back over, assuming that the Republicans either fail to filibuster or lose a cloture vote (the latter, incidentally, I doubt very much if they get the balls to do it and don’t fold.)

Boehner can then send over an individual CR to fund Social Security to The Senate — a clean bill to do that one thing.  The Senate will not fail to pass that and neither will Obama refuse to sign it.  You know and so do I.

Then Boehner sends over an individual CR for the military.  A second clean bill.  Ditto on the outcome.

Repeat until you get to anything with Obamacare money in it and then you simply refuse to take that to the floor.


Now who’s the obstructionist?  If the Senate refuses to pass a bill to fund the military that’s not the Republican’s fault!

Obama said:

Obama lashed out at Republicans for that and reiterated his pledge not to negotiate whether to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, which is necessary for Washington to pay its bills.

“This is an interesting thing to ponder, that your top agenda is making sure 20 million people don’t have health insurance, and you’d be willing to shut down the government and potentially default for the first time in United States history because it bothers you so much,” he said.

“Let me say as clearly as I can: It is not going to happen … We will not negotiate over whether or not America should keep its word and meet its obligations. We’re not going to allow anyone to inflict economic pain on millions of our own people just to make an ideological point.”

It’s not going to happen eh?  What are you going to do about it when all spending bills must originate in The House Barry?  Whine, scream and bitch?  That’s all you can do, and you know it.  So STFU already, because you have no control of this situation, despite your petulant child-like fearmongering.


Oh, and while you’re at it, when it comes to the rest of that article I linked from Reuters and “gun control”, the Democrats are largely responsible for what happened at Navy Yard too, as it was Clinton who prohibited military officers from carrying while on base.

The utter stupidity of claiming that we trust our military to shoot bad guys in combat but we can’t trust them to shoot bad guys on our own soil who invade their base is an outrage.

Then again, logic has never been part of the Democratic Party, and it’s well past the point in time where we, the people, must stand and demand better.

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