Fuck the NSA

Tomorrow is 9/11.

On 8/21, I posted this:

On 9/11/2013 if you run an Internet site you go dark.

If you use the Internet you go dark.

And whatever you were going to buy, whatever you were going to do on 9/11/2013, you do on 9/10, 9/12, or at any other time.

You get your friends to do it, or you decide they’re not your friends any more.

You get your business associates to it, or they’re not your business associates any more.

If just 10% of the people in this nation will demand and enforce these changes, they will happen.  They will happen because if they don’t and we demand and enforce that demand via peaceful, non-violent economic means we will destroy the businesses that have over-levered themselves under the premise that we are sheep and will not act in such a fashion.

There are many grievances you can choose from.  Mine is the outrageously-lawless behavior of governments at a local, state and federal level, including but not limited to NSA spying (an agency that is supposed to be limited to operations outside of the United States) and the apparently-increasing jackbooted behavior — outright militarization and violation of rights committed by our various so-called “peace officers.”  Like this recent incident, for instance:

I am putting my foot down and saying “this far, no further.

And as the clock strikes midnight The Market Ticker and Tickerforum will go offline for 24 hours and be replaced by a blacked-out screen with a rather appropriate logo and descriptive text.

During that 24 hour period I will not:

  • Engage in any electronic transaction.or
  • Commit commerce.

I have encouraged others to engage in this lawful and peaceful act of civil disobedience and others are doing so as well.  There are efforts being undertaken to encourage others to participate, which I applaud.

Note that Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook and others have “protested” that they “don’t cooperate” except to the degree required by law with the spooks, and further, that they’re “legally gagged” from being able to talk about what they are and aren’t doing.  In short they continually deny what is reported about the NSA’s domestic spying, but they won’t produce anything approaching evidence to back up their claims, stating that they “can’t.”

Well, that may or may not be true, but they too could go on strike, shutting down their services and choosing to enforce their belief that they’re being lied about — if in fact they are.

I don’t believe Google, Facebook, Microsoft and the rest.  I don’t believe these firms have any principles at all, other than making money and if that meansscrewing you and me, so be it.  They have no soul.  They have nobody at the helm that gives a good damn about what is supposed to make The United States different, and superior, to other nations.  They have no respect for the fact that we are supposed to be not a Democracy (where any minority isfood but rather A Constitutional Republic where all persons have unalienable rights that nobody can, under the law, infringe.

This is why they have not protested by refusing to commit commerce, even if only for a short while, as a clear and lawful means of demanding and enforcing what are their, and your, rights.  These firms could, but have not, shut down for a short period of time in protest, sending a clear andunmistakeable message — we have been funding this crap through our taxes and we refuse to continue to do so.

The simple fact of the matter is that I, like they and most of those who read The Ticker, are responsible for this crap.  We all produce, we all create taxable income and thus we all write checks to the Treasury and pay taxes.  And it is that tax money that the NSA and these other agencies spend to employ their people, to buy their services, to build their edifices and then use all of the above to violate the inalienable rights of the citizens of this nation.

Well, I’m different than they are.  I do have a soul.  I do have principles.

And tomorrow, for 24 hours, I go dark.

Tomorrow, I will refuse to fund these abuses.  I will not shift my commerce to another date, whether it be today, Thursday, Friday or next week instead of tomorrow.  That commerce simply won’t happen and thus neither will the tax payments that would otherwise be due for that activity of that day.

In a few short weeks the 3Q GDP preliminary report will come out.  I will judge whether others also are outraged sufficiently to do something peaceful andlawful about these abuses or not by those results.

I suspect I know the answer, as Dancing With The Stars is far too important for nearly everyone to actually give a damn about their 86-year-old grandmother being groped at an airport, their local cop shop having an individual engage in all sorts of outrageous behavior that leads him to be convicted of racketeering, and their nation’s international spying apparatus being turned inward, vacuuming up and examining literally everything that every citizen does on a minute-by-minute basis.

In short, I want an objective measurement of whether or not this nation deserves what our Founders gave us at the risk of, and in some cases at the cost of, their own lives.

Tomorrow I will obtain one.

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FedUpUSA echo’s Tickerguy’s sentiment but we add that we are particularly outraged by the failure of our government, and those of all countries around the world (with the single exception of Iceland), to prosecute a single banker for the atrocities committed against every human being on the planet:  the blatant outright theft of their production through manipulation and purposeful devaluation of our currency all for the purpose of hiding the insolvency of our largest financial institutions.  The ongoing and perpetual fraud from which the banking class is ‘excused’ is unforgivable and a line should have been drawn in the sand 7 years ago.

Bankers in Jail

 Stop the LOOTING