Obamacare D-Day Musings

Nuclear Explosion

Obamacare Exchanges In Pictures

Here ‘ya go folks.

This is what you are going to experience.



It’s just a glitch…. that’ll buff right out.

Make sure you thank a Democrat today — and every day hereafter.  Remember, this partial-birth abortion passed without one Republican vote in The House.

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Sore Loserman Crybaby On National TV


Whah whah whah whah I cut deficits.No you didn’t — the Treasury is out of borrowing capacity.  That’s why the deficit is lower.

It’s all about rolling back the affordable assrape-ordinary-Americans Act.


It’s here to stay.

F*ck you.

A big part of the assrape-the-ordinary-Americans Act is now open for business.

But it doesn’t work, it was written in jQuery and other similar insecure crap, identity theft will be rampant, and oh by the way, it doesn’t work.  At all.

If you have health insurance you don’t need to do a thing.

Unless you’re one of the most of them who are being butt-raped and forced into the non-working assrape Act.

“Nancy can get coverage”

Yes, and now everyone else gets to pay for her coverage.  That’s an illegal direct tax (so says The Constitution) as it is not apportioned.

You’ll find more choices.

No I won’t.  There is exactly one provider in my county and hundreds, if not thousands, more all across the country.  That’s called a monopoly shithead.

Go perform an anatomically-impossible act Obama; call 1-800-SUCK-MY-SCHWANTZ.

And as for Boehner, if you have one testicular cell left in your fucking body you will close the House and go home.

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IF We Had A Party Intent On Blood

Boehner Baby

Look folks, I know I have to spell it out real slowly for some people who just don’t get it (although a lot of people do) so I’ll do exactly that.

Boehner, you ignorant slut.  You pussy.  You limp-wristed waste of a sperm.  You know good and damn well how to really stick the knife in Harry Reid and break it off.

But since you won’t talk about it, I will.

Here’s how you do it.

Come into session and offer on the floor an appropriations bill that funds The Department of Defense, the largest discretionary program.  It will pass.  Send it over to The Senate and dare them not to pass it.

Then pass a bill that funds Health and Human Services ex-Obamacare.  Most of Medicare and Medicaid is mandatory spending, but about 10% of it is not, and that’s the next-largest discretionary item.  It will pass.  Dare The Senate to fail to take it up.

Then fund The Department of Education.  Again, dare The Senate to fail to pass it.

Continue with Veterans Affairs, HUD, State, Homeland Security, Energy, Justice, Agriculture, Intelligence, NASA, the DOT, Treasury, Interior, Lab or, SSA, Commerce, ACOE, and  National Science.

Make clear that any of these bills that are not passed will not be taken up for the remainder of this Congress.

Note what’s missing — Obamascam.

Let the Senate decide.  No conference, no games.  Straight-line spending bills, one department at a time, no Obamcare in any of them.

Pass ’em or not, but if you don’t pass ’em, we know who didn’t.

C’mon Boehner, what’s your damned excuse?

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Oh John… John….. bet you wish these emails didn’t exist, don’t you?

Boehner Secretly Defended A Special Obamacare ‘Exemption’ He Has Publicly Derided

Business Insider obtained the email exchange (which you can see below) in which Krone requests that they come up with a different cover story than Obamacare for the meeting.

“People will know we are going down there,” Sommers wrote. “We can’t let it get out there that this is for the [Speaker] and [Leader] to ask the President to carve us out of the requirements of Obamacare. … I am even ok if it is the President hauling us down to talk about the next steps on immigration.”

Krone responded that the White House would love to say the meeting would be about immigration.

“I really don’t care what it is about — it just can’t be about what we know it is about,” Sommers wrote back.


You lying sack-of-crap DEMOCRAT!

Alright folks, read this story.  Boehner wanted the carve-out on Obamacare for Congressional Staffers himself, despite claiming publicly he was against it.

He tried to get a meeting with Obama himself — personally — under false pretense (to discuss “immigration”) to obtain it.

Read the original folks.  

John Boehner is a lying asshole.

Fuck you John.

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