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Note: This article should have been published yesterday (10/30/13) but wasn’t due to a bit of an Internet outage here at FedUpUSA. It is still very pertinent today.

The lies are utterly stunning today, and I’m tired of it.

The people of this nation ought to consider why they are willing to tolerate this sort of outrageous theft and scam without rising up and refusing to cooperate.  Remember folks, all governments exist only because the people consent, despite what many will try to tell you.  Our founders knew this 200+ years ago and we had damn well better re-learn it — and fast — the way these scams are growing in their intensity and impact on your daily life.

Here are some comparisons from an actual open market for health insurance, both for a 51 year old man and then for a 27 year old woman.

These are from ehealthinsurance, which you can go to to check for yourself how badly you will be screwed blind by this outrageous act of theft.

There are 46 pre-2014 compliant plans offered.  This is a bit down from the “bottom” cost, but has deductibles that are reasonably similar.

Now let’s look at the 2014-compliant plans.

There are four offered — and only four.

Of them the cheapest, at $510.17, is 170% more in premium than the reasonably-comparable Humana plan from the same company.  Note that while the deductible of $7,500 on the pre-2014 plan is more than the $6,300 deductible for 2013, the annual premium price is $3,877 higher while the deductible is only $1,200 more.

That is, if you actually use the plan (you need health services) you will lose under the new program by more than $2,600 (a more than 100% increase in your total cost) and if you do not use it you will spend $3,877 more — 170% more.

Again, a $7,500 deductible plan today for a 27 year old single woman can be purchased from Humana for $99.09.  There is a collection of 64 such plans offered in this area.

The same woman under Obamacare can choose from five plans and here’s what they look like:

The closest plan is $286.67 a month, or more than 189% more.  This woman will pay $3,440 for her coverage, but the price pre-Obamacare is $1,189.  Again, if she uses the policy she will spend $1,200 more on deductibles, but under Obamacare she will spend $2,251 more on premiums and thus she will lose $1,000 if she needs health care.

That means the 27 year old woman will spend 44% more under Obamacare if she uses health care and a stunning 189% more if she is healthy and does not need to use health care during that year.

Savings?  Where?

These are actual policies you can check on your own at ehealthinsurance.com — this entire act is a raw example of financial rape that outright screws essentially everyone.

The only people who will “win” are those who get subsidies — or who are already seriously ill.  But stealing from one person to give to another doesn’t lower cost as you can see, it in fact raises cost because you have connected demand to an infinite source of money!

As such only unsubsidized comparisons of price are valid, and when you look there what you find is that Obamacare is an outright disaster — for everyone.

When in the course of human events…….

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