Yes, This Is YOUR Fault


Read carefully folks, get up, go look in the mirror, and then punish yourself as you see fit for putting people in the street in this fashion, because it is your fault and you are responsible for it:

Freeland lived with family for a time, she said, and four months ago moved into transitional housing funded by the city government in Washington, D.C., while searching for work that pays more than her $8.25-an-hour retail job. Having lost her oldest son in a 2000 homicide, Freeland said she insists on looking for housing in a safe neighborhood for her surviving one, now 17. She found that’s available only at an increasingly steep price.

“You’re trying to pay car insurance, rent, electric, cable and if you’re using public transit, putting money on your card, groceries,” said Freeland, who was accepted into a program that provides temporary housing, financial planning and job-placement counseling. “It’s hard to survive out here.”

This is what “asset price appreciation” brings.

It comes from ever-larger amounts of debt in the system compared against production.  Debt (credit) spends exactly like money, and its creation causes asset prices to rise.

That in turn means that rent on such an asset (a house) requires more and more in order to earn a reasonable (positive) rate of return for the holder of said asset.

When the limits of that person’s ability to pay are reached they wind up homeless.

The reason this imbalance happened in the first place is not because wages are depressed, it is because the debt accumulation in the economy,including particularly the increase of debt issued by the Federal Government of 70% over the last five years, drives asset prices. 

You, Americamost-particularly including those cheerleaders on CNBC, Fox Business and elsewhere in the “financial sector” are cheering on a daily basis the destruction of these people and celebrating their ruin.

These acts have now driven the average national two-bedroom rent to double that which can be afforded by these low-income households.

Again: Who’s responsible for that?

You are.

You are personally responsible.

You rail against the “Tea Party”, you voted for this, you support it, you demand it.

YOU, PERSONALLY, Mr. Daily Kos Reader and every single Democrat along with 90% of the Republicans, are financially fucking this woman and her child on purpose.


You the Bishop, the Priest, the Deacon, the housewife, the husband, the young Democrat, the old Democrat, the President, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid,Huffington Post, all the rest — including most on the right such as Mitch McConnell, John McCain and John Boehner.  Even most of the so-called Libertarians are directly and personally responsible for this shit.

The exceptions?  A tiny minority of Americans, such as myself, who stand for an immediate balanced budget, immediate end to deficit spending, andOne Dollar of Capital enforced against all financial institutions so as to prohibit, under penalty of law, this sort of debt “printing” at a rate that exceeds economic output.

Unless you, under all conditions and without exception, vote for only such persons as will enact these policy steps and will take any and all necessary actions to stop the further accumulation of that debt by government and all fraudulent private credit creation, including going personally on strike even if it costs you, you are personally, jointly and severably responsible.

That, my friends, is a fact.

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