ACA: No, Folks, It’s Not Going To Work

Obamacare Symbol

President Obama has now changed his tune, trying to defend the lie he sold young adults (most of whom voted for him twice), now saying that his line about “if you like your health insurance (or doctor!) you can keep it” by claiming that what you were buying was a substandard (“defective”) policy and that he knows better than you.

Really?  Does that apply to who your doctor is as well?  Or to which hospital you can use without getting a $500,000 bill (which you don’t have, of course.)

Chances are the individual plan you purchased outside Obamacare would allow you to go to these facilities. For example, fourth-ranked Cleveland Clinic accepts dozens of insurance plans if you buy one on your own. But go through Obamacare and you have just one choice: Medical Mutual of Ohio.

Isn’t that special?

It’s even better — in many counties, including mine, there is exactly one company offering Brosurance, otherwise known as Obamacare, and Obamacare prohibits shopping across county lines.  In other words it’s now a “take it or leave it and get taxed” situation.

What if your hospital of choice — or doctor of choice — won’t accept that single “choice”?  Then you get the $50,000, $100,000 or $500,000 bill, that’s what.

Let me point out my view on this — I’m 50, in good health, and I’ve had a decent life on-balance.  If I contract some horrible disease or condition and have to choose between spending the rest of my material wealth on “treatment” (which may or may not be successful) or choosing to take the walk out on the ice, while it will involve a lot of contemplation the odds are very high that I will choose the ice and leave what I have of material wealth to those who I love and care about.

And before you scream “bullshit!” I strongly suggest that you do more than a bit of research as to exactly how personally and topically-informed I might be on what is involved in that decision and its outcomes.  If you don’t you’re likely to find out how exactly nasty my language can be when provoked in public on a subject I’m rather motivated about.

But what if I was 18 — or 27?  Or in my early 30s, with a very young child?  Maybe instead, faced with death or indentured servitude and a yound kid who is going to get ratfucked either way, entirely constructed by intentional acts of politicians who have sold knowing lies to the electorate, decide to take the path that was laid forward by Genesis in their 1974 song “Back In N.Y.C.”:

I don’t care who I hurt, I don’t care who I do wrong.
This is your mess I’m stuck in, I really don’t belong.
When I take out my bottle, filled up high with gasoline,
You can tell by the night fires where Rael has been, has been.


Your sitting in your comfort you don’t believe I’m real,
You cannot buy protection from the way that I feel.
Your progressive hypocrites hand out their trash,
But it was mine in the first place, so I’ll burn it to ash.

A band before it’s time, I suspect.

Have we learned nothing from history, even recent history?  Our monetary policies and “rescues” of those who took actions that under any rational view would be called fraud were responsible for a rough doubling of the cost of living in places like Egypt.

Gee, you don’t think Arab Spring might have sprung from the spirit of Rael, do you?

Does it stop here?  Oh hell no.  Now government is going to be making decisions on whether to spend $1.2 million on cancer treatment for one person?  Do you really think they will make that decision in your favor when the time comes?

I’m reasonably sure they will when it’s Pelosi, Reid, or Obama — but how about when it’s you?

You know the answer to that in both your head and heart, don’t you?  You have to, both intellectually and emotionally, because it simply can’t be paid for were everyone to get those “options.”

DeNile (sic) is not river in Egypt.

There are those who claim we should “listen for the voices of reason” in the health care debate.  Really?

The voices of reason, of which there are damned few, point to the Sherman and Clayton Acts, 15 USC, law passed because Standard Oil had a massive monopoly over the price of everything crude.  I simply say apply that law to every element of health care, whether it be pharma, hospitals, doctors or whatever and watch the price of health care crash by 90%, enabling virtually everyone to pay cash and obviating the need for “Brosurance” — or anything else.  

And if we did that the above example — the $1.2 million cancer treatment — would be affordable.  It would cost $50,000 or $100,000.  And while that’s still damned expensive, it now is within the realm where you could buy a catastrophic policy for about the cost of fire insurance on a modest home — maybe $500 a year.  But for the routine doctor visit you’d stroke the $50 or $100 check yourself, for the medication you want you’d buy it for cash, and all of it would be dramatically cheaper than it is today.

This is not the work of fancy, because it was not long ago — indeed, just 30 or 40 years ago — that health care was exactly like that.  You took out your checkbook and paid.  You knew the price and it was both reasonable and affordable, even to a working-class family.  I know this to be true because I lived it and still remember it from my time as a boy.

Remember folks, if you take the cost of a routine birth from 1963, in a hospital, complete with the epidural, doctor and anesthesiologist and three nights in the hospital, and inflated them by the consumer price index from 1963 to today that birth would cost less than $1,000 — complete.

Go ahead — try to buy that service for less than five times that amount today — and you’ll be kicked out of the hospital in 12-24 hours on top of it.

This is what “financializing” everything does.  It’s what Wall Street and Washington DC have done to the price of anything where they can manage to build a monopoly wall around it, and all such walls are aided in some or fashion by government force.

They have to be, when you get down to it — because without force all such monopolies eventually collapse.  If you put 20 carpet manufacturers in a room and let them negotiate among themselves where they will sell and at what price, the 21st guy, who is excluded from the room, will eventually figure out how to break the monopoly by underselling them.

To prevent this the 20 need to use force — either directly, by killing or threatening to kill the 21st or by getting the government to do it for them.

Thus you have laws forbidding you to go into Canada and buy Viagra by the truckload for 20 cents a pill, undercutting the $20 it costs here.  You have the “prescription” system for drugs that have no potential for abuse but for which monopoly profits would be instantly destroyed were they able to be bought and sold freely over the counter, especially across national lines.  You have the outrages such as the woman in Arizona who got billed $60,000 for a short hospital stay and two $100 vials of scorpion anti-venom made in Mexico — that the hospital charged roughly $30,000 each to supply to her.  With nolegal option to have someone get them in Mexico and bring them to her she was legally extorted at a rate three hundred times the going price.  

How else does a hospital charge you $5 or even more for a ten cent Tylenol capsule?  Why can’t you provide your own, sending your best friend, husband or kid out for a bottle?  Simple: legalized extortion.

Why are not hospitals forced to post prices in public and not discriminate against or for any particular person?  How many liberals scream about discrimination on the basis of whether you like to sleep with men or women while at the same time they support and do not politically burn to ash every single medical provider that discriminates to the tune of 10, 100 or even 1,000% daily for some people and against others within the very walls of that facility?

The same applies to “higher education.”  Why is it legal to discriminate against one person and for another?  Why can Harvard discriminate against the wealthy kid’s parents, effectively forcing them to pay 2, 3, 5 or 10x as much for their son or daughter’s education when the kid sitting next to him gets that same education for little or nothing out-of-pocket and both are equally intelligent on an objective basis?

No, folks, this is not just, it is not right, and it won’t work.  The political calculus is that if the government can get you to believe you’re the “winner” of such discrimination you’ll vote for and support it.  But you’re never in fact the winner — you’re the loser, and their cronies in industry are the only winners.

You are literally being robbled blind and not only are consenting to it in your own delusional state you’re demanding it continue and accelerate!

Consider the medical situation again.  Your “win” is pyrrhic, because while you pay “just 20%” of the bill the bill itself was inflated by 500% and thus you paid the entire bill anyway and then on top of it you spent thousands on what is on any dispassionate analysis worthless “insurance.”

Why worthless?  Because but for the scam that you voted for and supported the price would be 1/5th or even 1/10th of what it is today, your cost out-of-pocket would be the same or less than it is today, and you’d still have all the money you paid for the so-called “insurance” to spend on something else!

Wake up folks and burn this crap to the ground in all areas of our economy.  Do it peacefully and politically, but do it and do it today, because if you don’tyou, and your children, will be the ones who are destroyed.

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