It Is Time To Stand Up, Or Stand Down


Delusion is a funny thing.

It’s very easy and “satisfying” to engage in it, when the object is yourself and your beliefs or expectations.  You can always find an excuse as to why you should be optimistic about this or that, why movement in the wrong direction is seen as a “temporary” setback and “all will be overcome in good time” and similar platitudes.

But such rationalization is not how you actually make progress, nor become fulfilled.

See, we all have only one life to spend.  We can choose to spend that life in many ways.  We can join the Peace Corps, we can become a missionary and try to spread the gospel to the world, we can turn inward and go pray on a mountain, we can try to amass huge fortunes in finance, we can start a business, we can run for office or we can simply raise a family and look to that as our crowning achievement.  Some of us choose multiple goals and strive toward each of them, favoring one over another from time to time.

And then there are those who choose to spend their life in a sudden, often violent way.  Some do it as a means of trying to “make a living” (e.g. the bank robber), some do it for their own personal expression of extreme power over others (e.g. the rapist) and some have an unknown or even unfathomable motivation (e.g. the guy who shot up the movie theater in Colorado), often prompted by smoldering mental illness fanned to open flame by our pharmaceutical and “health” industry.

But all of us, through this time we live and the life we spend, whether that expenditure comes all at once or over decades, have a responsibility too, if we wish to call ourselves human.  After all, the differentiating factor between animals and humans is supposed to be a code of ethics or, if you prefer, morals.  That is, we’re supposed to have bright lines that we not only won’t cross but that we won’t let others cross, and if they try it we will stop them by any means necessary.

That, ultimately, is what ethics and morals come down to.

I have made a decision that as of the end of this year I am no longer going to tilt at windmills; that my efforts from 2007 to now have been enough to more than fulfill any ethical or moral obligation I have had in this regard.  And make no mistake — my decision in 2007 to start both The Ticker and the forum was driven from my outrage of what people were “sold” in the late 90s (especially 1999) and the relative dearth of prosecution and enforcement for what were outright frauds perpetrated upon the public.

There are myriad examples I could cite since as to the outrages that I and others have outlined but which the people have refused to respond and stand en-masse to demand redress.  It was bad enough when a few of us converged on New York or on the Canon Building in Washington DC in 2008 and could only garner a couple of dozen people to do something so heinous as wave signs and hand out DVDs.

Yeah, that came with great personal risk, right?  Expressing one’s First Amendment rights at the outrage of what was being done to screw every man, woman and child in this country is oh so difficult and dangerous.

Five years later it’s still going on and there are no protests, organized or otherwise, on any sort of regular basis over it.  Indeed, I hear all the time that because the stock market is going up all must be more-or-less ok and even that what was done was good.

Never mind that the percentage of people who have a job out of the working-age population has not improved one iota since the depths of the recession in early 2009.

Then there was Obamacare, which I weighed in on as the systemic problem (health care generally) in early 2009.  Indeed, I wrote the infamous “Tea Bag” ticker on January 20th of that year in which I exhorted people to stand up.

A few did.  But they were immediately corrupted, and rather than press the issue and refuse to sit down and shut up “Guns, Gays and God” turned what was a nascent movement into dust.

Oh sure, we have Rand Paul (and a few others) as a consequence of that but now we’re more than four years into this, indeed, heading for the fifth year, and objectively what has been accomplished?  Has there been a cessation of the federal government borrowing money it doesn’t have?  Did or did not so-called “Health Reform” pass and are or are not somewhere near 1/3rd of all working people destined to lose the health care plans they want (even in a system that is hopelessly corrupt) while not one damned thing has been done to break those monopoly practicesnot even the simplest such as forcing non-discriminatory and known pricing?

Where are you America?  You’ve still got your nose stuck up the ass of the rotting corpse of Steve Jobs’ creations — “consumerism” all — oblivious to the fact that in doing so you’re a few feet away from a cliff that the thundering herd you’re in is about to go over at full gallop.

I’ll tell you what’s going on.  You’re waving flags and lying to yourself, to your neighbors, and most-destructively, your children.  You have tolerated so many financial rapes and consented to them, turning them into financial sex with yourself, that now when real case of repeated sodomy happens not only will anentire medical facility participate there is nobody among you in that facility who will stand up immediately and use defensive force to stop it, nor will you, once the greater public learns of it, put animmediate stop to this crap by any means necessary. 

We outnumber those thugs a thousand to one but we sit back and say “it can’t happen to me” or even better, “he must have done something to deserve it” even though what he was accused of was proved to be incorrectand even if it was a true accusation it did not and never could justify what was done to him.

Go ahead and defend that and tell me what you believe any actual human being should do if confronted with someone who is committing forcible, repeated anal sodomy at gunpoint on a person who is innocent of anything more-serious than failing to fully stop at a stop sign at an exit from private property.

Just remember one thing as you contemplate the above folks:  As late as the time when the Jews in Germany were literally being frog-marched into boxcars they had a hundreds-to-one numerical advantage over those who were at that moment sentencing them and rather than spend their lives trying to evade that outcome (which might have failed for some or even nearly all of them) they got in the cars and at that moment committed the fatal act of surrender that sealed their fate.

And if you are inclined to say “well but the cops are, well, cops and look at all those guns!” I will simply observe that one apparently-drugged up guy who walked into a mall in New Jersey and shot nobody but himself managed to draw the full resources of some two hundred or more officers.  Two guys who blew up a bomb in Boston managed to draw essentially every cop within a couple hundred miles plus all their hardware — to chase one dude who was ultimately found hiding in a boat, unarmed.  Yet all that resource wasconsumed for an entire day — for one (admittedly very bad) guy.   If you believe that when, not if, some really bad stuff starts to happen those cops will be there to “Serve and Protect” you and would be effective even if they attempted it you need your Thorazine dose adjusted.  Do the math; that “show of force” is factually nothing but theater and thuggery and yet you continue to fall for the magical blue suit act.

I’ve had people “lament” that I’m pulling the plug in less than two months — one of the few peaceful (and lawful) options remaining to people like myself.  Nor am I alone — there are a few others who likewisecannot in good conscience continue to provide the funding necessary for this crapshow to continue.

Examine your conscience and ask yourself out how it is that you can sit quietly for forcible sodomy, a furtherance of the outrages performed while you were sitting on your ass as your children and grandchildren have had their economic futures destroyed, your health care access was intentionally destroyed, your President knowingly lied about that destruction from the get-go, the President and Congress on both sides of the aisle proceeded for five years to cheer on the Federal Reserve in its destruction of your economic future so they can reap obscene profits at your expense, all of them repeated these lies for four full years and all of this has on TV front-and-center not to mention being emblazoned across the morning paper.

Then, having done nothing while your economic futures were trashed (unless you were in the 0.1% that is given front-running information so they can avoid what’s coming when the plug falls out of the wall) while your sons, daughters and grandchildren not to mention yourself are repeatedly bent over the table and violated economically you sit back and watch a man get LITERALLY violated by a band of gangsters that happen to include as the prime protagonists the very health care system that you are now subject to thanks to your actions and inactions.

That is what you stand for America?  That is your legacy and what will be written in the closing pages of the history book known as “America”?


December 31st can’t come quickly enough.

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