Jackasses On The Left, Thugs On The Right


Well now how’s that little “strategy” of yours looking Boehner?

I just have to ask, see, because now we know what the outcome would have been had you held the line and refused to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling.

The nation is in an uproar over Brosurance, otherwise known as “Obamacare”, and with good cause.  There are millions fewer covered today than just two months ago due to rampant cancellations, the average premium has gone up by 100% or more for those who are not insured through their companies, deductibles are often 200%, 300% or even 1,000% higher for these “new” policies and they cover things like female prostate cancer along with male ovarian cancer as a matter of law.

Incidentally, a fair percentage of young people don’t know why coverage of those two maladies are stupid.

Oh by the way next year the same round of cancellations and premium increases will hit corporate insurance markets, tossing tens of millions into the exchanges at 100%+ premium increases.  The only part of the market not hosed will be the self-insured large company.  I remind you that I, and a number of others, warned Congress very explicitly that this was going to happen and we were all ignored.

In the meantime since you granted blanket permission to deficit spend to Obama marketable Federal Debt has risen from $11.976 trillion to $12.240 trillion, a stunning $264 billion dollars — or about $800 per person in the United States in just six weeks time.  If you count Social Security and Medicare it’s $437 billion, or over $1,300 per person of additional debt.

Had The Republicans held the line and refused to “reopen” the government and raise the debt limit until the Obamacare was repealed you would have, by now, won that war as the Democrats would have to choose between ceding to you and losing the Senate next year.

If you had put forward a replacement plan for this mess that focused on removing the anti-trust exemptions and other favoritism in the law such as the ability of pharma to sue Maine for allowing its citizens to import drugs from abroad in an effort to control prices you’d have also solved the underlying budget problem not only for the Federal Government but for states and localities as well, along with cutting by 75% or more the health expenditures of the people.

That, incidentally, would leave virtually everyone able to buy health care for cash and for those who wanted catastrophic coverage against rare but possible events that coverage would cost a quarter of what it does now — in other words, a few hundred dollars per year.

But that would have seriously pissed off the medical “industry” and their lobbyists.  It would have resulted in shrinking the percentage of GDP spent on health care from its high teens figure today to a fifth of that, or back to the low single digits we spent on this in the 1960s and early 70s.

A time, I remind you, when some of you — and I, for one — grew up, and we managed to deal with our health needs quite handily.

Don’t run this crap about this is all about people getting older either.  That’s a lie and you know it.  Technology is supposed to make things cheaper over time because it increases efficiency.  It hasn’t happened in this case because of business practices and acts that in virtually every other line of work are felonies, and the medical industry in all of its parts have managed to exempt themselves from these laws.

Nor is it a matter of “tort reform” or “uncompensated care” as you like to claim as both are a single digit percentage of the nearly $3 trillion in health spending annually.

The simple fact of the matter is that while the Democrats and Obama are trying to take over our lives with Brosurance through sticking a gun up our respective asses the Republicans have focused their attention in this industry over the last 30 years on giving those very same guns to the medical business and allowing them to do the same thing without going to prison for it.

Unfortunately when there is no money to pay, there is no money to pay — no matter if you stick someone up or not.  If the wallet is empty you can’t steal anything, gun or no gun.

Our economy is being strangled by bankrupt monetary policies from The Fed and deficit spending binges driven by the medical industry.  In those places where deficit spending is impossible (such as cities and states) due to State Constitutions the result is literal bankruptcy instead, such as in Detroit.

It is time for the Congress and the people to start looking at the balance sheet and recognizing that there is no such thing as a free lunch — and that handing someone a gun to steal that which doesn’t exist can only destroy both a budget and, if it is allowed to continue, an entire nation.


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