We Need To Restore Our Manufacturing Industry To Save Our Economy!


It has recently been announced that Mesa, Arizona will serve as home for a new Apple manufacturing plant. According to reports, the new facility is expected to create over 700 new jobs in the manufacturing industry and close to 1,300 other jobs in the construction and management industries – totaling nearly 2,000 new jobs.

As expected, the media is heralding this new facility and it’s 2,000 new jobs as some sort of huge accomplishment, but when you delve deeper into how many jobs we have lost – particularly in manufacturing – 2,000 new jobs is nothing.

Because of our insane commitment to “free trade” agreements like the North American “free trade” agreement (NAFTA) and the Korean – U.S. “free trade” agreement (KORUS), our manufacturing industry has been devastated. It’s seen thousands of jobs lost via outsourcing to foreign nations – like Mexico, China, and India. We no longer produce what we used to, and as a consequence thousands of hard-working Americans have lost their jobs.

Even entire cities – like Detroit – have suffered and currently find themselves at the brink of bankruptcy. Why? Because cities like Detroit used to flourish in the manufacturing sector. Detroit wasn’t known as the Motor City for nothing, but when our leaders signed us up for NAFTA and KORUS, many of the automotive manufacturing factories left our shores for countries where they could pay the labor force lower wages.

So when Arizona reports they’ll be adding 2,000 new jobs, it’s hard to get excited. Toss in the fact that our unemployment rate – according to Government Shadow Statistics – is about 23 percent, and those 2,000 new jobs hardly seem enough.

We need more job creation. We need leaders focused and passionate about restoring the economic health of our country by pursuing strategies that will reinvigorate dilapidated industries and create jobs. We cannot afford to continue exporting our jobs to foreign nations who care nothing for our economy and average, hard-working Americans.

That being said, it’s time for We the People to demand an end to “free trade” agreements that are not only taking away our jobs, but are also responsible for a slew of our economic woes, including our sky-rocketing debt, massive trade deficits, and a flood of foreign, toxic imports.

It’s time to reclaim our position as a world leader, but until we dispose of “free trade” agreements and continue to rely on imports to sustain ourselves, we’ll never reinvigorate our manufacturing industry and will continue to see a strain on our economy.

Contact your congressional representative and demand action. Send this to five of your friends and have them do the same.

Economy In Crisis

Editor’s Note: What do you think would have the most positive benefit to our GDP…The Federal Reserve “printing” $85 billion in new debt-backed “currency” or the workers here in the United States actually producing $85 billion more goods/services each month?