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I sometimes get asked why I’m closing down a large part of the Tickerforum setup and reducing my writing frequency, as if there’s some reason I shouldn’t.

I’ve related why I started writing The Market Ticker before, but for those who have short memories let’s do it again.  The 2000 blow-up was one of the most-obvious to me, because I was in the middle of the tech industry during the 1990s.  I saw, first-hand, the fraud in balance sheets, the companies hawking business models that had zero chance of working out (cough-all-the-dsl-providers-cough!) and more.

A few people went to prison for their crimes, but only a tiny percentage of those who committed crimes.  Most got away with it, and more than a few got away with all the money they conned people out of at the same time.

When the crash came several people I knew pretty well were financially trashed.  One, after going from having several million to a literal zero due to ridiculous margin exposure put a gun in his mouth and blew the back of his own head off.  That kinda sucked to hear about, to put it mildly.

The thing is that most of this pain was self-inflicted, but few people saw it that way at the time — even those who had been warned.  And a lot of people were in fact warned, although many more were not.  What was constant, however, was the lack of any sort of regulatory oversight, even where it was clearly mandated by law.

I was fortunate enough to get out of the Internet business in 1998, before it all went to Hell.  Yes, I saw it coming, but there’s an instructive sidebar to this — despite my exit consummating in September of ’98 and the final closing conditions being satisfied at the end of the year (my staying on for the transition) it was another full year and a few months before everything blew up in everyone’s face, and in fact the Nasdaq basically doubled in 1999 and then tacked on another 25% (more or less) in the first months of 2000 before it blew up!

I sat out the whole thing.

Now you might call me foolish for having done so, but I see it differently.  I slept well at night and I wasn’t destroyed in what followed.

The point is, we’re doing it again.

There have been many who have said that there have been “no” robosigning incidents, for example, that have actually stolen someone’s house.  Oh really?  I’ve got several instances that are hard-documented, including one just sent to me the other day.  Here it is:


Fabricated Release of Lien

All I need is one, by the way, because such an act is factually grand theft and forgery is, of course, a crime.  Note the recording date on the top and the alleged release date; as of today not one person involved in this has been indicted or prosecuted despite diligent effort by the party harmed.

This is not a singular event; it in fact has been repeated thousands of times, and that’s just one tiny piece of the scam that has become indelibly imbued into in our economy.

HFT, or “high-frequency trading”, is another example.  It has been repeatedly proved that trading on information ahead of the physically possible time of release has happened.  Nobody has figured out how to void the laws of physics, and a demonstration of physical impossibility within the confines of the lawwould ordinarily be indelible proof that would lead immediately to prosecution and conviction. It no longer does because we no longer live under the rule of law.

A waitress claims she was stiffed “because she’s gay” in a restaurant, and has “donated” to her lots of money from sympathetic people.  The truth appears to be that she lied; she’s been fired but the restaurant has said their investigation was “inconclusive.”  I argue that’s a lie too; having held a merchant account for decades it is flatly impossible that the restaurant could not reconcile the claimed statement charge from the patron (which shows the amount with tip) against the claim of the waitress.  The books have to balance at the end of the day and if they don’t then the restaurant’s bank account is out of balance, so it’s an impossibility that they can’t figure out what actually happened.  This was not a cash transaction where someone could have pocketed a $20 with nobody the wiser; it’s a recorded transaction with audit trails on both ends.  Why should either entity get a pass here?  Further, if people sent money through the mail or by wire (e.g. PayPal) as a consequence of a knowingly false statement doesn’t that constitute wire or mail fraud?

Then we have Benghazi and Fast-And-Furious, both of which resulted in the death of Americans.  In the first case we don’t have all the facts but what we do have is a series of proved and intentional lies that were told about the character of the original assault related by members of our government, including Hillary Clinton personally.  In the latter case we have a documentary trail in the form of serial numbers on recovered firearms from a crime scene — serial numbers that are readily traced from a manufacturer to a dealer and then to the customer who bought them as an ineligible party with full knowledge and consent of the so-called “instant background check” system intended to prevent same.  This was not a mistake or problem with the system, it was intentionally overridden by members of our own government.  Knowingly causing firearms to be transferred in a prohibited fashion is a felony.  So where are the indictments and prosecutions — say much less impeachment?

There are of course many more, far-more-devious devices used to steal your wealth and freedom.  One of the most-onerous and outrageous is the recentObamacare crap.  One of the (many) outrages associated with this is the fact that you can’t sue the government for releasing your personal information improperly, nor can the people responsible be prosecuted.  HIPPA makes unlawful the release of medical records and information by private parties but government can do whatever the hell it wants.

There were those of us (myself included) that warned early on that allowing the government to get its hands on these records would instantly destroy the already-vestigal privacy rights you had in them, and now it’s happening — and is documented to have happened.  And we’re not talking just about crap design, non-existent security and thus crime and accident either — we’re now talking about intentional transfer of your data without your permission.

The California health exchange has admitted it has been divulging contact information for tens of thousands of consumers to insurance agents without their permission or knowledge in an effort to hit deadlines for coverage.

Speaking of California the exchange plans there are claiming that they have “in network” doctors who never consented to same and who have said they willnot consent.  They’re lying, in short, and yet again there’s nothing you can do about it.  Both in California and Florida you are very likely to find that if you enroll in an Obamacare plan you will pay for “insurance” that is factually worthless because there are statistically zero doctors who will accept it.  Think I’m kidding?  There is a region in Florida reported to have seven pediatricians with over 250,000 kids under age 18.  And Obamacare, by preventing you from buying health insurance outside your county, traps you in this fashion — if you go to a doctor outside that county your coverage is void and it pays nothing.  How can those children even receive as little as one annual physical per person when that would be about 100 physicals per day, per doctor, including weekends and holidays!  That is of course impossible and as such this “program” is knowingly taking money from people with no ability and thus no intent to provide service.

Taking money under such a pretense is an intentional and outrageous fraud — and if performed by any other business would be considered afelony for which people would go to prison.

The purpose of writing on all these outrageous events and widely exposing them (in the form of ~7,600 articles since 2007, or more than three per calendar day on average) is to get them in front of people so that properly-focused outrage can be brought to bear on those who commit these offenses and thus they will be stopped.

There is no other public purpose for doing it, and if you, dear reader, are not going to give a damn or do anything more than point a finger and chuckle then I’m wasting a lot of brainpower and electrons in both writing and publishing.

I will effort nearly forever if I think there’s a purpose in it and movement from it.

But I do not — and will not — tilt at windmills.

The facts are that I’m coming up on seven years into documenting these scams and frauds, from financial ripoffs all the way up to grand theft and murder while there has been exactly no movement from the public at-large.

Well, folks, as I have often commented: The sole difference between rape and sex is consent.

I’ll add to that here: It’s not a felony if there is nobody that claims injury occurred.

The people of this nation have, over the last six+ years, defined for me which of those events is actually taking place.

I may be a slow learner, especially when I find it incredulous what is apparent and even documented via hard, physical evidence, but I’m not that slow.

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