Expert Testifies to Congress that Obama’s ‘Ignoring Laws’ Could Lead to Overthrow of Government

Michael Cannon, of the Cato Institute, testifies to Congress that Obama’s ignoring laws could lead the people to believe they are no longer constrained by laws either, and that this could lead to the overthrow of the US government.


While Mr. Cannon’s video comments are brief, they clearly point to the risks of our government’s continued corruption and lawlessness. Mr. Cannon specifically mentions President Obama, but these issues go far beyond our President, and literally permeate our entire government, at every level, and they must stop.

As long as we allow our legislature to enact laws that favor one group over another…as long as we allow our government to exempt themselves from the laws they create…as long as we tolerate the constant stream of lies and misdirection from our “leadership,” we will continue to lose our freedoms and our standard of living, while those in power (and their cronies) will continue to reap the rewards of all of our hard work.

We are already at the point where our country only vaguely resembles the nation described in our constitution. If we continue to ignore the corruption and cronyism in our government, we will find ourselves living in a country that more closely resembles those of our former adversaries, and the one from which we freed ourselves in the first place: a tyrannical dictatorship.

Our founding fathers fought a revolution against the largest, most powerful military in the world over issues that are considerably less damaging than those perpetrated upon us by our current government, on a daily basis.

For too many election cycles, we have elected Representatives and Senators that promise certain behavior while campaigning, only to find them acting on the complete opposite ideology once elected. Clearly, we cannot vote our way back to a constitutionally-restrained government with a truly free market. If that was possible, it would already have occurred.

When backed into a corner, and forced to tell the truth (on any given issue) time and time again our government buries the facts and creates stories out of whole cloth, which are spun with the help of their mainstream media lapdogs. Not only are the first, second and third estates of government failing us, but the theoretical “forth estate” is non-existent as well. We no longer have any true voice in our own government, and those that appointed themselves to watch over our representatives have effectively silenced themselves.

When will we wake up, and stop supporting our oppressors with our hard-earned money? How much loss and suffering is enough? How many freedoms are we willing to surrender?

People often ask us things like, “Okay, I’m mad as Hell and I can’t take it anymore. What can I do, that would make any real difference?” or “Sure, it’s easy for you to say ‘Stop the looting. Start prosecuting’ but what can I do to help?”

Those questions (and many variations on them) have an easy answer, and it is nearly the only legal means left to us, to effectively end the oppression that we have allowed to take place. The answer is simple, but enacting it in your own life may be painful…at first. You will need to get used to living with a lot less, perhaps in a smaller house (one you can actually afford) with fewer amenities. You may not be able to take annual trips to sunny destinations, or purchase the latest and greatest gadgets on the market, or replace your wardrobe with the latest fashions every season. The “easy” and “simple” answer is to reduce your economic output (thereby reducing your taxable income) and your lifestyle (move out of the McMansion, and into that 3 bedroom bungalow that you can actually afford) and to consume less of everything. In effect and in every way possible, we must all cut back, reduce, and down-size our work and lifestyles until we starve the leviathan of government, and it all comes to a screeching halt. Only then, once those that truly deserve it experience the pain of loss and suffering of poverty, and when our power over our government is firmly re-established, can we allow ourselves to advance again.

If we do nothing, and continue on the course we have been on for decades, Mr. Cannon will be proved right…open revolt and physical removal of the existing government will be the only option left, and by then it may be too late. If we force this through our own inaction, and the future holds what it always holds when a free society falls, we will have to explain to our children and grandchildren what it once meant to be free in the United States of America.