Obamacare and Racketeering – There Is No Difference

The following two articles sum up precisely why Obamacare is a scam and our current health care system is every bit as bad. Obamacare builds on our current system by providing more monopoly protections, expanding existing monopolies, and now, attempts to force them upon the entire world.


Here Comes More Obamacare (Internationally!)

The problem with exponential cost growth (that is, extraction from the economy) is that you eventually run into a solid granite wall in the form of what the economy can actually deliver.

This is where the US medical “industry” has found themselves — by exercising monopoly controls of various sorts they have managed to drive the cost of care up 500% or more over where it would be in a free market.  Doubt me?  Take a routine birth’s price from 1963 and inflate it by the CPI — it’s under $1,000complete including three nights in the hospital.

Try to find the ability to match that for under 500% above that price — you can’t.

But our economy simply can’t bear any more of this expansion in health care costs at a rate beyond that of real output, and with real output (as I’ve documented) falling the escalation of health care costs becomes an even larger problem.  Over the last couple of decades this scheme has been almost-exclusively responsible for the huge budget deficits at the national level, along with virtually all of the state and local budget pressures and bankruptcy threats.

We as Americans have individually and collectively refused to put a stop to it; Obamacare is just the latest iteration of using government force, including violence, to extract ever higher percentages of the economy’s output from you for the benefit of a particular industry.

Nor is this a singular event or procedure-based issue either.  It’s broad-based across the entire system and having hit the wall here in the United States the medical industry is now clamoring to apply the same scam to other nations.

There’s only one problem — sovereign nations don’t have to listen to US corporations.  They have every right to throw up the middle finger, and many other nations refuse to play, instead telling the companies involved that if they try this crap on their soil they’ll break patents and tell the firms to pound sand.

That is what Obama is now trying to stop:

The Obama administration is insisting on mandating new intellectual property rules in the treaty that would grant pharmaceutical companies long-term monopolies on new medications. As a result, companies can charge high prices without regard to competition from generic providers.

So what do you say to a man — or a government — that backs a corporation that first demands to bankrupt you and then proceeds to kill you outright?

Further, what’s the proper response to such a demand by a foreign government?  Exactly how does this differ from sending troops, occupying a foreign nation, asset-stripping it raw and shooting anyone who resists?

We’ve certainly put our fingers as Americans in places where they don’t belong.  But when we try to force another nation to void its own sovereignty we have gone too far, and we deserve as a nation whatever we get in response.

Let us not forget that the acts of our government that have happened and are continuing today in this regard can only happen with the consent of the governed, that being of course us — and thus we have in the past and are today consenting.

Silence and inaction in the face of outrageous acts are — at minimum — consent.

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Obamacare Price Fixing

Where’s The Sherman Act?

Need an illustration for how health care is exempt from laws that should result in everyone involved doing 20 years of hard time, being fined a million dollars, and that’s per-incident?  Here you go:

Lang has sought answers from his insurance company, Humana, which in its hospital contracts negotiated a discount of the original $11,198 emergency bill to $5,599. The couple must pay that remaining $5,599.

“It almost seems as if Humana gets together with the hospital and figures out the maximum amount that can be charged while still keeping the total under the patient’s deductible,” Lang wrote in a letter to Humana. “This way, the hospital gets as much revenue as possible and the insurance company isn’t out any money.”

What happened here is illegal in any other line of business and is a blatant violation of the Sherman Act.

That is, the hospital quite-clearly used its knowledge of the customer’s deductible to set the price.  What’s worse is that it appears they did it after the service was performed.  What makes it even more-galling is that if you haveno insurance you can often negotiate and get a price 1/10th of the “insured” price.  As a person with only catastrophic coverage (zero for “routine” things like a doctor visit) I have found that I can almost-always pay cash for less than the insured bill-back amount.  When it comes to common drugs like antibiotics you can walk into a WalMart and get a generic for $4 or thereabouts — if you’re not insured.  If you are then the co-pay is typically $20 or five times as much!

All of this would normally violate not only the Sherman Act (conspiracy to restrain trade and fix prices) but also, in the case of the bill being set only after service was performed, be a contract of adhesion rendering the entire charge voidable.

If I tried this sort of thing as an Internet Provider I would have not only been trashed by my competition I would have been indicted, and with good cause.

Auto insurance companies have been tagged for far-less onerous price-fixing of this general sort in that they have repeatedly tried to force insureds to use third-party replacement body parts — which are both cheaper and inferior to OEM.  State Farm got sued over this, among others, and with good cause.

If you want to know where the problem lies in the medical industry it’s right here.

And if you want proof that costs would fall by 75 or even 90% were we to simply enforce the law in this regard, see that linked article where had the person not had insurance they would have been offered a price that was aliteral 10% of what they were ultimately forced to pay.

How is this “insurance”?  And more to the point, if you’re forced to buy into Obamacare, guess what this means?  

It means you will be screwed in this fashion — with certainty — despite the fact that under any reasonable reading of The Sherman Act (15 USC) this sort of policy and practice is black-letter illegal.

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The answer to this massive problem is simple, we need to see a lot of people spending lengthy visits at facilities such as this…