The Fraudulent Budget “Deal” & And The Fascist, Marxists Who Made It


How many times do I have to point out that “just the tip” still constitutes rape and that adding to something now with a promise that is unenforceable later to merely slow the rate of increase is not a “cut.”

From earlier today:

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan on Sunday defended his compromise budget deal that avoids another potential government shutdown but suggested congressional Republicans will be more demanding of Democrats during the upcoming debit-limit talks.

“We as a caucus — along with our Senate counterparts — are going to meet and discuss what it is we’re going to want out of the debt limit,” the Wisconsin Republican told “Fox News Sunday.” “We don’t want nothing out of this debt limit. We’re going to decide what it is we’re going to accomplish out of this debt-limit fight.”

Answer: Nothing.

To Paul Ryan, John Boehner and the rest of the ReThuglicans in DC:

You will still financially rape the public.  You will do it because thus far the public lets you get away with it.  You will keep claiming that it’s “less” and you expect us to lap it up — much like you’d expect a woman who is sexually assaulted would be assuaged by hearing that she’s only going to get “half” or “just the tip” — right Ryan?

As for your attempted defusing of Tea Party anger at Boehner and yourself, good luck.  And as for “getting his Irish up” what Boehner needs is to be emasculated and ejected from office, then imprisoned, along with you.

Why?  For one simple reason: Assault is assault, and fiscal deficits are financial assault

This is trivially proved by simple arithmetic.

Assault is a crime.  Theft is a crime.  It is a crime not only under the law but under common and natural law, in that the taking of that which you do not own is morally indefensible except in extremis where necessary to save one’s own life.

But there is no “extremis”; the nation is not under attack.  Indeed, the federal government’s injury when it comes to fiscal trouble is self-inflicted and thus not only fails to rise to the occasion of being justification for such but is quite the opposite, exactly as a person who drinks their liver into a hardened ball of cirrhosis can hardly complain about his plight.

For decades you and your compatriots have made promises that are mathematically impossible to fulfill.  You enticed people to vote for you by lying.  That’s fraud in the inducement, another act that should be a crime and is for ordinary people — but not for you.

There is no defense that can be raised for this so-called “budget deal.”  It is a scam and an outright assault, just as have all the others since Tip O’Neill’s lie told to Ronald Reagan, and his willing complicity in accepting and promulgating it once he knew Tip was lying to him.

You are no better.  You (Paul Ryan) are a Statist and in fact a Marxist, as are Boehner and Obama.  All three of you, along with Pelosi and Reid, believe you have the right to steal the productive output of the citizens of this nation.  You believe you have the right to take not by consent, the lawful and just means by which government operates, but by subterfuge, duplicity and fraud through the operation of deficit spending.

You are no different, and no better, than the others.  You are all illegitimate in your acts, irrespective of whether you can cloak them with the imprimatur of the “King’s seal” via your “votes.”  You no more have the right to steal the productive output of the people by deceit than a thief in the night has the right to pick the lock on your home and help himself to the contents of your safe, or even just your refrigerator.

You can strut out in the Capitol Building all you want Paul, but not everyone was asleep in Middle and High School math class.  Some of us were wide awake, not having been drugged into oblivion with Ritalin or through simple boredom and lies.

The time will come when the mathematical impossibility of what you are doing comes down around the ears of everyone in this nation.  I’m sure you think you can maintain your scheme until you leave office, and thus you don’t care.  After all, who gives a damn about the young adults, kids and grandkids — not to mention those not yet born — right?

If you were to actually run some of the numbers and looked at the imbalances you have created over the last half-dozen years you wouldn’t be so sanguine.

But you’d rather not look….. right?

Good luck.  

You’re gonna need it.

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