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So the mainstream media asks:

“The economy is better now but why isn’t Obama getting credit for it?”

Really?  It’s better?  Based on what?

The stock market?

How about median family income in inflation-adjusted dollars?

Just to be fair and make sure we’re not looking at distorted figures we’ll look at each quintile, with the top 5% being the last bracket.

In 2012 (2013 numbers are not yet in) those were $27,794, $49,788, $76,538 and $119,001, all in 2012 dollars.  The top bracket was $210,000.

Looking backward we last saw that value inflation-adjusted for the lowest quintile in….. 1994.

How about the second quintile?  That would be 1995.

The third?  1997.

And the fourth?  1999.

Only the lower limit of the top 5% are at highs, and have been on a durable forward basis in inflation-adjusted terms.

From 2009, when Obama took office to now all four of the bottom quintiles have lost ground in inflation-adjusted terms.


So where’s the “better”?  Five years into the so-called “recovery”, where is the recovery for anyone except the top 5%?

Who caught the President’s speech last night and actually listened to it between shots of whiskey (or whatever you were drinking, and I hope it wasn’t water!)  Did you notice when he turned to the economy he said, point-blank, that everyone (other than the top 5%) had lost ground?  Well, Mr. President, that was ground-breaking — it was the first time I’ve heard a President in a State of the Union Address admit that his economic policies for the previous five years have SUCKED, as measured by the outcomes experienced by the majority of Americans.

How are them apples tasting over there in the White House?

Let’s get down to brass tacks: The President is a liar and a fraud, and so are the mainstream media jackasses who are knowingly lying when the government’s own data says that nobody other than the top 5% are in fact getting ahead — and last night The President admitted it on national television!

Why is that?

Because the President’s crap, and that from Congress, will not address the actual issues that have destroyed the common man and woman in this nation.

I charge the President has intentionally done so.  He has swindled the American people.  He has done so intentionally and maliciously, and continues to do so to this very day.

This very table — the government’s own data — proves that the President is completely full of it.  And the worst part of it is that I bet not one person in a hundred was awake enough to realize that the President said his economic policies have been a failure for everyone except the top 5%.

Worse, without inflation — which always comes from credit and money expansion — every single one of these quintiles would have gotten ahead over this President’s term.

Every. Single. One.

How do we know?  Because that very same table contains non-adjusted figures.

The President is the one who sends up a budget.  He signs the spending and revenue bills.  This President has not vetoed one of them.

This President, therefore, is personally responsible for screwing every single one of the bottom 80% of Americans.


When it comes to economic progress the President is a pathological liar and his own Census Bureau’s data proves it.

Student loan debt?  Yeah, it’s a huge problem.  The solution is simple.  Cut the crap with the monopoly protections in education and finance.  Get rid of the FASFA.  Get rid of all forms of government subsidy for loans and process except for Pell Grants.  Get rid of the changes in the bankruptcy code so student loans are just another unsecured debt.

College costs would collapse instantly, as schools couldn’t charge $25,000 a year when nobody, statistically, could pay it.  They’d have to choose whether to provide an education or something that looks like a high-class luxury high-rise resort.  Before these “programs” you could spin pizzas to go to school, which means anyone able and willing to work hard could do it, and there was no student debt of materiality.  I know this can be done because I went to college in the United States under that model.

If you want that model back this is what we have to do.  Nothing else will work.

The same solution will work for medical care.  Obamacare is a disaster.  Removing exemptions and enforcing the Sherman and Clayton acts will collapse the price of medical care by 80%.  Since when is charging someone $80,000 for a snake bite antivenom course when that antivenom can be bought for under $1,000 reasonable?  How do we know this will work?  Again, because it did, when I was younger.  Again, an ordinary birth from 1963, escalated by the consumer price index to today’s amount, comes out to just under $1,000 complete, including the physicians fees, epidural and three nights in the hospital!  Today’s medical system is financial rape and it is happening because this President and Congress have made competition in that regard a felony.  That’s not only backwards it’s both extortion and tyranny.

Oh, and promoting illegal behavior by unlawful invaders to this nation?

That ought to be considered Treason — with a capital “T”.

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