Brosurance Written In Belarus?!


Oh this is good….

U.S. intelligence agencies last week urged the Obama administration to check its new healthcare network for malicious software after learning that developers linked to the Belarus government helped produce the website, raising fresh concerns that private data posted by millions of Americans will be compromised.


Belarus, for those who are unaware, is one of the hotbeds of cyber theft and scam and if anyone is worse in terms of officially sponsoring it than China, it’s these guys!

What’s even better is that Belarus has interdicted Internet traffic through what is believed to be an intentional hijack of BGP4 routes, allowing them to examine traffic that is not for them. That, by the way, is not a new problem either, but it remains one that nobody in the ISP community has ever done anything effective about, despite it being something that happened on a disturbingly-regular basis back in the 1990s when I was running MCSNet.  Of course at the time the people doing it would always claim it was an “accident.”

Uh huh, just like we’re told (and are dumb enough to believe) that the guy who is found with two bullet holes in the back of his head committed suicide by blowing his brains out — twice.

What’s better is that it’s not just Obamacare software — it apparently also includes code used in essentially all medical facilities and insurance companies in the United States.

Meet the developers of Brosurance and all of your medical records software, located in Minsk.

And you thought the people that were talking about a Communist takeover of the United States were tinfoil-hat wearers…….

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