Facebook: Accusations of “Like” Fraud?


Oh boy is this claim explosive…..


Well-documented, new, and….


Watch it quickly before “someone” tries to get this taken down….

Incidentally, since the entirety of Facebook’s revenue depends on selling ads, should these claims hold up and under examination found to be factual by others, there is IMHO no hope for the company and its revenue model.  And no, it doesn’t matter if Facebook is soliciting people to “like” things that are bogus or not.  That is, it is immaterial who’s committing the bogus likes; that the fraud is not committed by Facebook itself (and it isn’t logical that it would be) doesn’t matter.

What matters is that if it’s happening as a consequence of someone buying Facebook’s promotional services (no matter who is doing the fake “like”ing), and it dilutes the reach of the pageholder that is paying for the ads instead of enhancing the page’s reach as expected and sold then the entire premise upon which Facebook sells those promotions — that is, the value of those ads — disappears in a puff of smoke.



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