Obamacare Imploding, Media Ignoring

Obamacare Sinkhole

It’s not getting better folks…. uptake has essentially gone to zero:

Minnesota’s exchange enrollment goal of 67,000 seemed within reach on Jan. 4, when signups stood at 25,860.

But after surging by more than 4,000 per week in the prior five weeks, signups collapsed back to November’s pace of less than 700 per week.

It gets worse:

Further, a spotty payment rate (50% in Washington and 66% in Nevada) creates a risk that the demographics of the paid exchange population may be older — and possibly sicker — than even the national signup data have signaled.

Not only are they not signing up they’re not paying either.

What’s worse is that Minnesota has data on the plan split information and it suggests that the people signing up are all HIV sufferers and similar.  Only 21% of the signups are in the key 18-34 demographic that have to sign up en-masse for the numbers to work.  What’s even worse is that nearly 30% of the people signing up have taken “platinum” plans that pay for almost everything — a financially-suicidal option unless you know you’re going to hammer the system with extremely high costs.

Where’s the media coverage of this debacle and its depth?  Missing.  

Gee, I wonder why when the first two purchases for a newly-hired “reporter” in the mainstream media are a set of kneepads and a dental dam.

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