Frustrated? How About “Fraud” Mark?


You have to love our media….

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called President Obama to express his frustrations and concerns, following an alarming report that the NSA has been apeing his company’s servers to install malware on other computers.

What is it called when you pretend to be something you’re not, and then you use that to destroy or steal something from someone?

First, it’s fraudulent misrepresentation, and then it’s theft.

Zuck is frustrated?  Exactly what sort of crap is that?

Our government and nation are afflicted with something much worse than an NSA that believes it has the right to spy on anyone, anywhere, without a warrant predicated on probable cause.

We are afflicted with an inability to name things as what they are.

How can you ever have a clean debate about a policy or other event if you won’t label something accurately — as exactly what it is?

This is the same sort of nonsense that I wrote on yesterday with regard to alleged “GDP growth” and the other day on beer in sports stadiums; our media, our nation in general and our media are simply incapable of accurately stating the simplest of things.  We allow someone to label two containers of the same thing “small” and “large”when there is no difference in the actual amount of product contained, and do not immediately arrest them for fraud and false advertising when they are caught.  We allow people to show up on national media and claim that “we live in a 2% economy” when in fact our own Federal Reserve is being allowed by Congress (which could stop it at any time) to destroy 6.5% of the nation’s aggregate purchasing power over the same period, meaning that we have seen no actual expansion in economic output at all.

And we allow one of our government agencies to impersonate a corporation and use that act of impersonation to steal information from other people, despite the fact that when someone does the same thing to Eric Holder and steals something they get arrested.

We as a nation have no right to complain about being ripped off so long as we permit, on a daily basis, this sort of outrageous behavior by government agencies and other “well-connected” people.

And yes, Zuck, that includes you.

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