Our Nation Is One Big Fraud


As illustration I use the following.

Think you’re getting a better value by paying a little more for a larger beer at a stadium or arena game — or at least saving yourself a trip back up to the concession stand? Think again.

A viral video shows that it’s actually the same amount of beer in some cases, like at a sporting venue in Boise, Idaho.

If I presented the choice of a “regular” and “large” size of something, both of which contained the same amount of whatever I was selling, priced the two differently (large being more expensive of course) and got caught what do you think should happen to me?

You’d probably consider that fraud, right?

So can someone explain to me why this revelation didn’t result in an immediate arrest of the concession owners on felony fraud or false advertising charges?  It’s rather obvious that the amount of money involved here is enormous, particularly across an entire season’s events.

Oh, and never mind that the volume of a keg is known too, and so are the number of beers sold and kegs drained, and both are tracked daily in any establishment — particularly one that sells alcohol, as there are taxes that are levied and due on the sale of alcoholic beverages.  The idea that the concession operator didn’t know about this doesn’t pass the smell test.  How do you allegedly get more “large” beers out of a keg than the keg has in it?

How does someone get brazen enough to do something like this?  It’s simple — first we scam you with so-called “free money entitlements” (that aren’t) then we rip you off with “consumer price inflation” (that we cook so it’s fraudulent too) and finally we let banksters foreclose on the wrong house a few times, rip off an entire county on a sewer deal and do all sorts of other hinky garbage including selling securities that are called “vomit” around the coffee maker to customers as “high quality” paper. 

None of those things get prosecuted so why shouldn’t we charge $7 for a $4 beer by simply calling it “large”?

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