Oh Really? (DOL)


Then maybe the government should stop:

  • Handing out “free money” loans like Kool Aid for college tuition via various federal guarantees and subsidies.  After all, if I can have four years (or five, or six!) of “fun” after High School and maybe get a (useless) degree many young people will even if it runs the risk of totally screwing them financially down the road.
  • Stop providing incentives and arm-twisting that results in High Schools and Junior Highs killing shop class.  Oh wait — it’s already dead.  Where the hell did it go and why is it that every kid that graduates can’t lay a bead (that is, weld), laminate up a blank and then turn a lamp on a wood lathe from it, run a metal lathe sufficiently-well to make a cylindrical item (e.g. a non-functional canon out of brass), use a drill press, band saw and similar things?  This was something thatmost kids who went to school in the 70s could do and they got to do it during school.  Now you’re considered to be a “retard” and usually have to enroll in a “special school” to be able to take that class!  What sort of stupidity is this; even if you don’t actually go into one of those fields those skills are very useful in everyday life! 
  • Stop telling every damned kid that the only answer in life is to go to college and get a 4.0 in a STEM-prep curriculum.  Not only is that crap it’s a lie; many STEM fields are now marginal at best given the H1B explosion and more of them are being off-shored every day.  The percentage of degrees that are worth it analytically is dwindling every year and yet if you can weld you can write your own ticket right now — it’s damn hard to offshore a welding job on a pipeline!

 People respond to incentives — including kids and schools.

In short if the Department of Labor isn’t just blowing smoke out of its ass the Federal Government needs to cut the crap and start acting as it professes.

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