Somalia, er, Chicago


This was a marker of Detroit for decades; hooligans setting fires.

Now it has come to Chicago.

Thank God I left…..

Police said the fires are being investigated as arson. Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Thomas Sweeney said at least 14 vehicles were damaged. Initially police said nine vehicles were targeted.

Investigators believe that the people responsible managed to get into the vehicles and lit items inside on fire using a flame, said Sweeney. No accelerants were believed to have been used. No one was in custody.

Isn’t that great?  If you live in Shitcago you’ve had plenty of warning — wildings on Michigan Avenue, a gross uptick in crimes against people in formerly-safe areas in Lakeview and more.  It’s been accelerating for a couple of years, and the answer isn’t “more cops.”

Reality is that entitlement breeds hooliganism, and Chicago has dramatically increased the hand-holding and handout nation crap over the last decade or so.  At the same time regulations, taxes, fees and harassment targeting those who would endeavor to make an honest living have all increased at a dramatic rate.

Chicago is headed down the same toilet bowl Detroit was more than 20 years ago, and of course nobody could have seen it coming.

Except for those of us who left and did tell you at the time, of course.

Make sure you thank Rahm for your burned-up truck dude….. remember, elections have consequences.

Oh, and before you say we need “more money”, go read this again.  Our government spends four times as much money on social programs as is necessary to guarantee that no family in this country is in fact in poverty.  So where’s it all going?  That’s simple: They’re lying; these programs — all of them — are nothing more than a gigantic grift, theft and fraud machine.

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