The 12.8 Trillion Dollar Financial Scam

Bankers Domination

The following video was done in 2011 through a cooperation between Bloomberg and PBS.  It was originally part of a larger presentation, which we featured here in FedUpUSA back when it was released.  We are featuring this shorter version now to point out the fact that nothing has changed.  Most of the money borrowed for these programs still sits on the taxpayer balance sheet, and as explained in the following video, much of this money is unaccounted for.  What’s worse, is that now, as opposed to then, the money being continually borrowed against the taxpayers’ future production has no tidy breakdown into individual programs, it’s all enveloped into quantitative easing (QE).  So, there is even more money unaccounted for, for which YOU (provided you’re working) must pay for, as well as your children.  And all of this money has and is going straight to the banks.  This is why we can’t have nice things.