Do You Know How Much Tax You Pay?

FreedomTaker Video

This is, quite honestly, the most brilliantly done video we have ever seen.  It is worth absolutely every second of its 8 minute run time.


Answering the question in the title, this video shatters all the corporate-media diversionary clutter and double-talk about “the economy”. This is the real story. Comprehensible and short. No sugar-coating. Why and how it matters to YOU in a big way. This clearly explains you why you will NEVER get ahead until there are major changes made in the way your government takes, spends and manages your money.

One thing is for certain, if we continue to sit back and do nothing, we are agreeing to our own continued slavery.  That’s the definition of paying not just every cent you earn to your government, but MORE than you earn.   The video suggests:

If you are looking for a group where you can become part of the solutions in the video look for Libertarian groups, Occupy groups, Constitutional supporters, Freedom & Rights groups, Common Law groups, Judicial reform groups, off-grid and self-sufficiency groups and true sovereign movements and mentors (true sovereigns are not racist, violent or hate-based. A sovereign is simply one who sees him or herself as one who is the master of what affects him or her, responsible for how he or she affects others and who believes in the right to be left alone if he or she is not under complaint of harm to others).

I would just add to this list, another group:  Anarcho-Capitalists.  Contrary to popular belief, AnCaps do not want or espouse chaos, but they live by one rule:  the non-aggression principle.  Makes things simple.  Governments do NOT even come close to abiding by this guiding principle.  If you think the non-aggression principle makes sense, you might just want to re-think the idea of government and what ‘government’ has never failed to become throughout history:  tyrannical slave owners.  Sounds hyperbolic, but I challenge you, dear reader, to delve into the world’s known history – go back as far as you’d like – and find one example of a society where their government or ruling class did not result in enslavement of its people.  Now think carefully about what exactly it is your money is supporting.

The one inaccuracy I have to point out about this video is Iceland.  Yes, they DID jail bankers and YES, they DID replace their government….BUT….they did NOT get rid of ‘traditional’ Ponzi-structured banking or legal tender laws.  Their money is not publicly controlled, it is still controlled by bankers.  If I wanted a sure get-rich-quick scheme I’d open a betting pool on the odds of how many years it will take before the bankers are right back in control of the Icelandic government and the government, in turn, re-enslaves their people.

Governments and those a part of it live off of YOU and those people aggress upon others without your consent.  Sure, you think its great when they aggress upon others you don’t like, but what happens when it is YOU who are the target of their aggression?  This is what the partisanship dog and pony show is all about.  It gets you all fired up against someone else, so you cheerlead the aggression.   Governments are above the law.  Laws don’t apply to them.  They write them.  They change them on a whim; they change them mid-stream.  Unless or until the laws that apply to us are applied to them and their actions, your slavery will continue.  It’s something we’ve been saying since we were founded in 2008.  Thus, our logo.

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Unfortunately, despite screaming from the rooftops for this to happen for more than 6 years, it hasn’t and I’ve entirely given up on the idea that it ever will.  The odds are stacked against you when those in power and control are the ones who also write the laws.  What’re the chances they’re going to jail themselves?  What are the chances they’ll just re-write the laws so that their criminal behavior is now ‘legal’ (for them of course, not for you)?