Happy Dependence Day


This is allegedly the birthday of our nation, when America declared our Independence from Britain.

For a short while, that’s exactly what it was.  Rugged individuals went forth through the land, establishing businesses and putting their lives (literally) on the line to settle across what was the United States, which relentlessly expanded until it filled the available space — and not always peacefully or by mutual negotiation either.

But then something changed.

When the stock market crashed in 1929 it came after a monstrous expansion that, to a large degree, was based on fraudulent credit creation.  The most-evident area for the general public was the “swampland” craze in Florida, brought to a halt by a pair of hurricanes that were not new risks — after all, hurricanes had hit the United States since long before white man set foot on it — but rather deliberately ignored risk.

Such was the same situation with margin loans and other forms of lending — just as was the case in 1873, when the the very same issue (in long-dated Railroad Bonds) led to the “Long Depression.”

The Fed, in fact, was established with a mandate to control money and credit creation for the explicit purpose of preventing this sort of abuse.  Instead The Fed has intentionally fueled every single credit boom world-wide since its inception.  It has willfully and intentionally violated its mandate every since year since it was chartered by Congress and today brags about it in statements about “2% inflation” targets.  You, for your part, and Congress for its, permit that willful and intentional violation of black letter law to continue unabated — and have for more than 100 years.

Business is cyclical; it always has been and always will be, because humans are fallible.  We get jinked up to an unreasonable degree and, of course, the opposite happens too.

Nobody, however, is willing to talk about the spread of dependence that has been offered up through the predicate of fraud — that is, lying about credit creation and its effects.

The simple fact of the matter is that deficit spending and unbacked credit emission is exactly identical to money printing — both are fraudulent in that they are represented as something they are not, and which the persons doing the representing know they’re lying.  Janet Yellen, like Bernanke before her along with Boehner, Reid, McConnell and others all passed elementary school arithmetic.  Every one of them knows full well that when you increase the denominator of circulating “moneyness” the value of each unit  — in this case dollars — decreases ratably.

The public is sold on the dependence meme early and often, beginning with your child in kindergarten where all the pencils and paper they bring to school are confiscated and put in a big pile so everyone can have what they need.  From there it only gets worse, and neither you or they can escape the incessant promotion of “something for nothing” even if you homeschool; it permeates every form of media, commerce, politics, religion and social circle.  Unless you literally choose to live 100 miles from nowhere in this country today the incessant hammering of this message into both your mind and that of your children cannot be escaped.

What’s worse is that the media gets away with being the chief salesmen for this nonsense and they go about their business unchallenged by you.  The premise that something is “for the children” or “for those poor people” is accepted without scrutiny, and you fail to raise your voice in protest even when you know it’s wrong because you’re afraid of your friends’ ridicule or being called a “heartless bastard.”

So instead you become complicit in the commission of armed robbery — literally, although in a form that our government has conveniently devised so it cannot be charged with that crime, nor can you.

That doesn’t change the essential character of the act.

Many people believe that the bad effects of these policies and social structures will only happen to “someone else.”  But that’s delusional; not only will be bad effects to come to you they already have and do at the moment the policies are put into place.  They have to, since the effects are controlled by arithmetic, not politics.

The only way to “escape” is to be one of the few that can rig the outcome so as to steal more from others than is stolen from you.

There are those who believe that they can play the “it’s who you know, not what you know” game successfully.  The fact of the matter is that the percentage odds of you doing so are indistinguishable from zero.  Those who are already in that position choose the individuals they wish to admit, and they strictly control the size of the door and when it’s open — and why shouldn’t they, given that you refuse to hang any of them for their acts — legally or otherwise.

It was not that long ago that if you were willing to set forth and take risk you could achieve on your own.  A few decades before that it was even easier.  But as the ratchet of theft via credit manipulation and deficit spending cranked ever-tighter the odds of success got longer and longer.  Oh sure, you still might wind up with like Zuckerberg, but then again you might win the lottery too.  Both, however, are poor wagers when it comes to either the raw or money odds.

What does this leave you with?  Many think they can beat the system because they’re entitled to do so.  The truth is something else entirely; the only winning move for a plurality of the population, say much less the majority, is to demand and enforce an unwind of the policies that led us to where we are today.

Health “insurance” and the health system generally are the soft underbelly of this corruption, should you some day choose to take it on.  Obama declared his status as an enemy of the common man literally within days of inauguration when he put forward Brosurance, ramming it through with Pelosi’s famous line “You must pass this law to know what’s in it.”

If that’s not a declaration of malevolent intention formed into action may I politely ask what would satisfy your criteria?

The Health Scam is in fact the soft underbelly of the machine because if we as a people put a stop to it the Federal budget would instantly not only be balanced but go into permanent surplus.  That would in turn place into effect a modest but permanent increase in purchasing power of a few percent per year until the Federal debt was retired a few decades hence.

At the same time that singular policy change would instantly and permanently resolve state and local budgets, permanently fix both the public and private pension disaster that is unfolding now (already destroying Detroit’s finances) and at the same time it would enable a permanent and large reduction in federal taxation across the board.

This change would benefit absolutely everyone with the poorest getting the most benefit in percentage terms, but not through a handout.  The only people “hurt” would be those who currently enjoy the health scam run on the people; they’d have to accept less or find another line of work that wasn’t predicated on trying to promote a mathematical impossibility.

In the end who am I to judge if you wish to live as a serf, your purchasing power continually degraded by a gigantic nationwide version of the “company town” that “leases” you the very land and home you claim to have bought, constructing a system of alleged “taxes” and then deficit spending to reduce your net purchasing power to the point that you cry for “help”, whether it be to educate your kids or simply to feed them.  After all, you asked for exactly this outcome and continue to on a daily basis; you vote for these people, you empower them, you go to work and create the taxable income that fuels them.  Then you let them up-arm and up-armor themselves, throwing flash-bang grenades into children’s cribs whenever they feel like it.  But even that sort of rank abuse is not enough — the government also has brought disease-infested illegal alien children into our military bases and refused to allow a sitting Congressman from this district to see them, and not only you but he acquiesce to this refusal and walk off instead of demanding access to these people; if Obama’s minions wish to stop him, force them to publicly shoot him.

In Iceland when the people had enough they showed up with road flares and encircled the government.  There was no violence but the message of what was to come was quite clear and unmistakable.  It wasn’t a perfect message by any means and the resolution wasn’t either, but those people were willing to display their balls — and the government and its scam machine backed down, even if only a bit.

Here in America we won’t do any of it; we don’t even vote these clowns out of office, returning those who have screwed us time and time again muttering Please sir, I want some more.”

We claimed just two days ago the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 but in point of fact that was a sideshow.  Oh don’t get me wrong — treating people different based on the color of their skin was inexcusable, but perhaps on this day you’d care to reflect how enslaving everyone can be justified.

We can’t even get a minor political party in this country to stand up and speak the truth about our monetary and credit systems, say much less the health scam.  Not only has the Libertarian party refused to do so continually since it was incorporated it has refused to this very day, eschewing and ejecting those who try to bring that central issue, along with the grift and fraud in our health system, to the fore and run on it as their primary message.  Why?  Because they, like the rest of the political machinery, desire power and they can’t have it without these lies.  The only difference between the Libertarians and the DemoPublicans is that the Libertarians will never win a major election because their focus on wedge issues guarantees loss after loss.  Intentional futility is the mark of a Loser and those who continue to back such a path after discovering this deserve the appellation — and that’s with a capital “L”.

We’ve become soft in this country, unwilling to step up and do what has to be done to rescue not only ourselves but the generations to come.  Neither the Boomers, Xers or the Millennials will take up the challenge because to do so means looking themselves in the mirror and admitting that they’ve been lying to themselves while idolizing thieves and fraudsters.

I’ve faced this very challenge — I was one of those people who believed many years ago that Reagan did great things from an economic perspective.  He did not.  He was simply another shyster; he negotiated tax cuts and budget cuts, got the first, got a promise of the second from Tip, and then got rooked.  Instead of standing his ground as his media persona presented and telling Tip that he was going to veto every single bill until he got the balanced budget he was promised the rugged cowboy that means what he says and says what me means folded and by doing so ratified the financial rape of the entire United States and everyone in it — including you.

In the end the behavior everything in the universe and what is actually possible comes down to the laws of mathematics and physics.  Nothing can violate either and anything that appears to is either misunderstood or a deliberate scam.  I know you don’t want to hear that and you certainly don’t want to believe it, but it’s true.  Early in our nation’s history we had near-perfect literacy and numeracy among free men and women; today it’s at an all-time low.  Then you either gained it by your own effort or you didn’t have it.  Today we spend upwards of $200,000 that is stolen from you per child to force “achievement” of it and yet this machinery fails to produce that outcome a huge percentage of the time — in fact, when it comes to understanding the truth of compound growth claims we fail at a nearly 100% rate.

Nobody with a smidgen of intelligence can believe that a near-perfect record of failure is an accident.

Yet we all continue to back these policies and fund them, in the main, along with those who “instill” that failure.

Today I pray for a second American Revolution, but not one fought with guns, cannon, bombs and aircraft.  No, I pray for a second American Revolution fought with truth, physics and arithmetic, a revolution where the battles are pitched statements of the word “NO!”, backed by a refusal to go along simply to get along, to participate in the scam and further expand it.  A revolution where those who claim their pathway is right are forced to present their facts and figures, and those who cannot do so are barred from public policy input by popular demand.

I suspect the odds of my prayers being answered are approximately the same as those found in buying a Powerball ticket.

Now where did I put my adult beverage and dead animal flesh for the grill? It’s time to enjoy what I have left of life instead of lamenting what could be.

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