Why Do You Still Argue From A False Premise?


At some point you’re forced to step back from whatever you do when it becomes apparent that you’re simply preaching to the choir, or worse, preaching at a group that has plugs in its ears and is trying to find a way to rob you irrespective of the fact that they know that they’re doing something wrong.

I’ll give you a recent example; someone I know and who is hard-left on the liberal side of the aisle was recently pontificating about how “America, love it or leave it” is an invalid expression.  He in fact put forward the premise that this was the sort of statement that marked one as a tyrant.

Mind you, we’re talking speech here — there was no gun pointed by the people who have said this; I’ve never seen such speech coupled with actual or threatened violence.  No, the presented position was simply that such speech was intolerable.

After a bit of back and forth the weaseling started and the position (sort of) changed; “well, yeah, that’s covered by the First Amendment but it’s still wrong.”

My opening position (and closing one) was the same: The First Amendment explicitly protects offensive speech for a simple reason: Nobody ever tries to ban the other kind!

But behind all of this is the unfortunate truth when it comes to the left’s position — and that of the right as well, as I pointed out the other day: Do you really care about gay rights, pot smoking or gun rights if you have been robbed to such a degree that you’re literally living in a refrigerator box under a freeway overpass?

All these sorts of arguments about “invalid” speech turn on is an attempt to silence dissent.

I raised the same issue in an interview for Press TV the other day (and incidentally, isn’t it amusing that suddenly Iran is one of our friends, after being a bunch of evil bastards for so long — right about the time we’d like to see something happen in Iraq?)

When you look at the facts it is human innovation that drives progress, yet the people over the last few decades have gotten nearly none of the innovation they produced.

It was stolen and the illusion of innovation was replaced by debt, a multi-generational millstone that not only binds the person who engages in the transaction (you have the right to be stupid) but attempts to bind those who had no voice as they’re children or worse, aren’t yet born!

How do you think you acquired the right to do that — and how did anyone else acquire it?

You didn’t, and neither did anyone else.

This sort of attitude — fuck you, I’m going to steal anything not nailed down and for the rest I’ll point a gun at you and make you remove the nails so I can steal it — is pervasive through both sides of the aisle and most of the citizens of this nation!

A couple of years ago when I was rather politically active and attending campaign events I happened to be at a debate among those seeking a County Commission spot.  The candidates had been sparring back and forth about how they were going to steal this bit of money or that to create this or that enterprise zone and try to “create jobs”, all the while spouting off about how private property was a bullwark of their political views.  When Q&A came I stuck up my hand and was called upon; I asked a simple question:

Excuse me, but since you all agree that private property rights are one of our founding principles and in fact respect for same are a part of your candidacy and qualifications for office would you mind telling me when you are going to take the necessary action so I can actually own my house?

There was an odd silence for a few seconds and then one of the candidates piped up and asked “are you referring to all the foreclosures and such?”

I said in reply: “No; I have no mortgage on my property.  However, every year I get a piece of paper in the mail that demands that I pay a rather sizable amount of money to the county government, and if I don’t do so you will order the Sheriff to come and take my home by force.  That which I must pay on a periodic basis to have I do not own; I am factually renting it from you.  When does the hypocrisy stop and respect for private property rights, which you proclaim to be a foundation of your candidacy, begin?”

There was a choking noise from the front of the room… and applause from the audience.

I didn’t get a straight answer to my question nor any commitment to repeal property taxes, of course.

Nor has anything changed.  One of the clowns at the front was elected and the same disregard goes on.

And oh, by the way, before you tell me to vote Libertarian let me point out that there has been no statement by Adrian Wyllie, the Libertarian Candidate for Governor, that if he is elected he will veto every bill that spends money until the real property tax is repealed.

Why not?  That’s simple: He believes, contrary to the stated aims of the party, that he should have the right to steal in the name of the State too!

(Note that there is no general issue with user fees that reasonably relate to actual use of goods and services; for example, a tax paid for a license plate that funds road repairs and construction, a fee for a connection to city water that pays for the construction and maintenance of the system, etc.)

Let’s take another example: The current mess on our southern border with these kids.

Why do they get “processed” and why should they have any right to be here at all?  Not for a week, or a month — for one minute?  That they came here illegally is not in question; there is no due process aspect to this situation.  These children have been constructively abandoned by their parent(s) in their country of origin, a criminal offense in the United States, and further as aliens they have no right to be here at all.

We are entirely within our legal rights to determine their citizenship and then immediately return them to either the closest Embassy of that nation or simply transport them to their country of origin and drop them with their customs officials, deducting the costs thereof from any foreign aid they receive.  If there is no foreign aid then let’s levy a tariff in that amount on any imports coming from that nation. 

Problem solved.

Instead both sides of the aisle want to talk about stealing your money to reward criminal behavior — albeit by those too young to be charged as adults.  However, those who aided and abetted them, and nobody is going to tell me that a 12 year old crossed the entire land-mass of Mexico unaided on foot and then entered the United States are old enough to be held to account.  If we can’t identify the individuals we sure as hell can identify the nations and we can either withhold foreign aid funds or impose a tariff to recover what we’re being forced to spend.

There is much more but this is enough for today.

Check back with me when you’ve altered your premise and are actually interested in bringing pressure to bear to stop the theft.

Until then I think I’ll go for a nice run and enjoy what promises to be a beautiful day.

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